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Losing weight can be achieved without feeling hungry

By October 11, 2012 - 8:05am

Weight loss is not as easy as some of the infomercials make is sound but I think I know some ways to make it easier.

To be successful at lifelong weight management, we need to make food choices that help us feel full with fewer calories and make sure that you don’t feel hungry. Feeling full and satisfied while eating nutritious foods is a critical part of my eating plan.

Hunger is the most significant problem with weight loss and a diet that results in hunger will never be successful. It is hard not to eat when we get hungry. It goes against human nature. When we get hungry, we tend to want to eat more. The feeling of an empty stomach is very difficult, if not impossible, to tolerate and at some point we give in. My method is not going to work for you if you are hungry or tired all the time.

It is hard to force yourself to eat less. But it's possible to choose what you eat. Some foods keep us full and satisfied, while with others hunger returns soon after eating.
I consumed a low number of calories but got all the fullness and satisfaction. Eating foods high in nutrients and fiber and low in calories allowed me to become satiated without consuming excess calories. Eating large amount of the right food is my key to success. Fresh green vegetables and fresh low-sugar fruits work the best for me. Eating this way contributed to controlling my hunger and helped me lose weight, keep it off, and stay healthy. I lost 91 pounds.

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By November 5, 2012 - 9:08pm

Hi all,
Thank you for sharing your stories. weight loss can be a tough journey and requires lots of discipline. I used to weigh 210lbs and am currently 163, I have hit a plateau and am starting to incorporate high intensity interval training to my exercise routine. My bf is also a health nut and has entered a body competition, we started jogging together last week and go hiking on the weekends. He helps motivate me and I am happy to be able to have someone by my side to push me when I feel like giving up. I have also been looking up different recipes for healthy alternatives, I made lettuce wraps yesterday and it filled me up! Good luck to all on their journey to wellness and strength!

November 5, 2012 - 9:08pm

Group Leader


The purpose of this group is to help others who are dealing with the same issues as me. Since I lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, I believe I am in the position to be able to offer hope to others. I hope that by showing what works for me, I will be able to help you lose weight with no complicated formulas, without exercise, and most important without feeling hungry. My intention is to share with you that it is absolutely doable.


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