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What does it mean to transform your life?

By Blogger December 10, 2014 - 10:40am

So let me begin with the suggestion that everyone of us has the potential to live the life we choose to live. I 'll share my miraculous transformation from surviving to thriving to empower you to do the same. After eighteen surgeries and 40 years of a disabling neurological disease, I stepped out of the medical box and opened to the power of energy healing, vibrational medicine, herbology, and alternative healing modalities. I began to trust in the unknown forces of nature, the energy field and quantum physics. She learned to allow the flow of grace to nurture and heal me. The more I released the “old baggage” the more I received guidance and messages that opened me widely to my own gifts as an intuitive, healer and channel.
During the past years, I've witnessed the complete reversal of the disease.
It is my hope that this personal story will empower others to heal as I has done. I know I exemplify the principles of manifestation and “change your beliefs-change your biology.” What I had to learn was that healing has to take place on a cellular level and I is here to pass this awareness and wisdom to you.
I will share the steps taken to heal your heart, which leads to the complete healing of body and soul. Through the process of self-discovery and letting go of old belief patterns -- patterns of “trauma and drama” -- you hea from the inside out.
“For me, it was a process of releasing old messages stored in my DNA and learning what it meant to have the courage to love myself enough. When I started to trust that I deserved a better life, and a healthier existence, my entire body started to shift into wellness. Mostly, it was learning to “let go” and follow my inner guidance. In doing so I allowed my heart to be guided by intuition and grace, not by my mind/ego, which were, for the most part, driven by fear. I was slowly and steadily unlocking myself from the only existence I had known and began to vision a new life, filled with joy and acceptance.”
I welcome questions, thoughts and curious people to reply. I am so happy to share the gift of transformation with you!!

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This group is for anyone willing to take life in their own hands and be-come the woman you have been waiting for. It takes commitment and a deep belief that you are worthy of all you desire. I know! I've been there. I completely transformed my life by saying yes, yes, yes and letting go of the fears that kept me stuck in emotional and physical ds-ease.


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