The Miracle of Healing When one is given the gift of healing there is no greater joy. It will transform your life far past anything you could ever imagine. You will be given insights into your ...

The Miracle of Healing


I am a true believer that anyone can transcend a physical, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease by saying yes and trusting deep down that you have a right to live the life you so desire. I know I did ...

Transmute, Transcend and Transform any dis-ease!

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It is a great news that cancer survivor rate is growing rapidly. No wonder that we are celebrating seventh June as cancer survivor’s day every year. Cancer communities across the globe are showing ...

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So let me begin with the suggestion that everyone of us has the potential to live the life we choose to live. I 'll share my miraculous transformation from surviving to thriving to empower you to ...

What does it mean to transform your life?

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It does not sound very 'friendly', although I suspect that it is not meant to be negative .It is listed under neurological and psychiatric category. I'd like to know What it means, and why this ...

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