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5 Important Things You Should Consider Before Abortion

By December 15, 2020 - 1:24am

Even though it can be much easier to prevent conception rather than have an abortion, there are a lot of situations when it can be the only option. Unfortunately, even the most effective contraception options can’t provide complete protection against pregnancy.

While some women can take such an unwanted pregnancy normally and carry a child, others can become desperate and terrified. If you don’t want to have a child right now you can always visit a gynecologist and ask about safe abortion options. But if you have doubts and can’t decide what to do, read these five important things you should consider before an abortion.

1. Your physical health
Pregnancy starts a lot of processes in the body that can aggravate some diseases and conditions. Hormonal fluctuations in a pregnant woman can significantly affect her health and even contribute to the development of many health issues. Additionally, many women simply can’t carry a child even if they successfully got pregnant.

It is essential to take into consideration all risks and consequences of pregnancy you may face. Indeed, abortion is also a complicated procedure that has its own consequences. But in this case, it is better to choose the option that will cause fewer complications.

2. Your plans and desires
An unwanted pregnancy can destroy your career and plans for the future especially if you don’t plan to have children now. Indeed, you can leave your ambitions and become a good mother. But you need to ask yourself whether you will be happy with this decision or it will damage and ruin everything you have been working on for years.

3. Your psychological condition
Pregnancy and motherhood can be challenging and psychologically heavy. Many women all over the world suffer from postpartum depression and other mental disorders that occur after childbirth (even if the pregnancy was planned).

It is completely normal that you can be not psychologically ready for pregnancy. Additionally, if you already have some mental issues, a child you don’t want can make them worse. You need to understand that your mental health and psychological condition are more important than the other attitude towards your choice.

4. Your finances
Having a child is extremely expensive. They need clothes, diapers, food, toys, and plenty of other things that you will need to buy. If you can barely survive on your salary, imagine how hard it can be to raise a child. Indeed, there are some organizations that support mothers in need. But do you really want to live a life like this? It may be much better to wait until you and your child will be able to afford more.

5. Your relationships
If you have no partner, it may be quite difficult to raise a child alone. Nevertheless, many women can cope with this task and have even a few children. But you should understand that you will have to count only on yourself and take into account your abilities.

On the other hand, couples that face an unwanted pregnancy can also be not excited about such news. Additionally, there are a lot of situations in which one partner wants to have children and the other partner has an opposite attitude. In any case, it is worth discussing the situation with your partner and find the best solution.

The bottom line
Many women don't have an abortion because of public opinion and conviction that abortion is bad. But most of these people don’t think about a woman that has no opportunity or desire to raise a child. You should know that people have no right to blame you for abortion or any other choice you do.

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