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The True Reason of the IBS Development May Shock You

By September 13, 2018 - 12:30am

Very often, bowel discomfort doesn’t get the attention it needs. We often think, “Ah, perhaps I have eaten something, it will pass” and just deal with it. When the problem occurs regularly, you start to pay attention and think that the problem is your diet. Sometimes this assumption is right but not always, because irritable bowel syndrome is a complex disease that requires a complex treatment.
What Is IBS?
An irritable bowel syndrome is an incredibly widespread disease that is peculiar by developing only a chronic form. If not treated it will last for years and lower the quality of your life. This disease has a complicated background and its treatment may demand the substantial revision of your lifestyle and habits.
Symptoms of IBS
If these symptoms occur on a regular basis, than they are warning signs that require a visit to a gastroenterologist.
1. Diarrhea. It may occur immediately after meals
2. Constipation
3. Feeling of incomplete defecation (it may be actual or phantom)
4. Stomach pain, located near the navel or lower. It mostly occurs after meals as a reaction on irritation
5. Bloating, especially in the evening time
6. Sickness
7. Feeling of heaviness in the stomach
These symptoms are not peculiar only for this disease; multiple gastrointestinal diseases may cause them. It is not that easy to reveal the true problem. Many conditions must be researched and taken into account like organic changes in the gastrointestinal tract and different factors that may affect our digestion.
External Factors
These factors do not have purely gastric issues. Among them are such diseases as endometriosis or endometrial polyp, diabetes and endocrine disorders. Hormonal problems in women are especially strong here. In premenopausal and menopausal period, the distribution of IBS is very common because of hormonal changes.
Internal Factors
These are unhealthy food habits, sedentary lifestyle, some medicaments’ action or alcohol consumption. In addition, IBS often occurs after experiencing gastrointestinal diseases or as a result of microbiome imbalance. Some people’s bowels are just more sensitive than others.
Unexpected Factor
The exact reason of IBS development remains unclear but studies revealed that our nervous and gastrointestinal systems are connected with it in more ways than we think. The small intestine’s muscles are controlled by our sub-consciousness in a significant way. When we are stressed, our intestine answers with spasm.
This is why together with a gastroenterologist you should also attend a psychotherapist. The doctor can reveal what is torturing you beyond your consciousness and relieve your constant tension. And, of course, leading a healthy lifestyle with enough physical activity and a healthy diet will help you have a healthy body and lead a happy life.

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