Navigating the Healthcare System

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Good health is important to everyone. And our new Healthcare Center is just the tool you need to make better informed decisions about your own care and coverage.

You can navigate the system—and we can help!

  The Basics

Review the basics of healthcare here:

  Evaluating Your Options

To make smart choices, become knowledgable about each aspect of your care:

Choices in Care:

Choices in Coverage:

Mental Health Options

  Especially for Seniors

Here we discuss some of the special healthcare options available to seniors:

  The Proactive Patient

Go out there and be your own best advocate. Enhance your medical care and save money doing it.

Planning Ahead

Doing It for Yourself

  Special Circumstances

Everyone has unique healthcare needs; explore your circumstances below:


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

For Parents

For Adults


Review some key dos and don'ts of drug treatment: