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Heart Disease: How Does Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Affect This? - CAPT. Hibbeln, M.D.

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CAPT. Hibbeln, M.D., explains the association between omega-3 fatty acid intake and heart disease in women.

CAPT. Hibbeln, M.D.:
Women should ensure that they get adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids for multiple reasons of health.

For example, when we look across countries we find that almost 30 percent of premature mortality in women, that is death before the age of 75, may be reversible by ensuring omega-3 fatty acid status.

A huge component of that is the reversal and prevention of cardiovascular death. We did our analysis and calculated about 40 percent of cardiovascular death could be prevented by adequate intake, which was almost exactly what Frank Hu at Harvard found using other statistical methods from the nurse’s health study etc.

And we have multiple levels of data on the efficacy of omega-3s in cardiovascular disease.

You know there’s been more than 8,000 clinical trials of omega-3 fatty acids in medical illnesses and more than 85,000 basic science and animal studies on the mechanisms of omega-3 fatty acids and in illnesses.

About CAPT. Joseph R. Hibbeln, M.D.:
Joseph R. Hibbeln, M.D., is a Captain in the United States Public Health Service. He is the acting chief on the Section of Nutritional Neurosciences at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. CAPT. Hibbeln is a psychiatrist, a lipid biochemist, and an epidemiologist.

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