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Why Do You Blog About Heart Disease?

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Rebecca describes why she enjoys sharing her heart disease experience and provides her inspiration for advocating for other women.

Since I have been diagnosed with heart disease I have been sharing my story for many reasons, mostly because at first it was good for me. It really helped me to get a grasp of this thing called heart disease, wrap my head around it and come to terms with it, but most importantly I realized that so many women out there are in the exact same boat as I am.

They have no where to turn. They are not entirely sure what this is, so writing in a blog, expressing the situations that I’ve found myself in has very much helped I think both myself and hopefully those who have read it to understand that there’s a lot of options out there, don’t ever give up until you have the exact correct diagnosis and the kind of doctors that you deserve because that’s what it’s all about.

What inspires me emotionally to help other women is when you read on the site about women who have issues with their heart care it’s important for us all to share our stories because when you read a story you get the answers. You understand that perhaps there’s others out there who share the same symptoms, the same concerns that you do and, you know, in strength there’s numbers.

So, one voice may not seem like much, but when we are joined together it’s a chorus and that’s what’s important. We’ve got to get the word out, we’ve got to act. It’s all about that.

Emotionally how does it feel? I got an email from a lady from the UK yesterday who strangely enough, is having heart symptoms and no doctor will listen to her and because of something she read on my blog, and also on EmpowHER, she found the advice and the answers that she needed and the frustration that she felt I felt, and no doubt so many women feel as well, but the key is to finding answers and to not stopping when somebody tells you no. Just because they are not the specialist on it doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there. So find the answers that you need because really it’s you heart, you have no choice.

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