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Congestive Heart Failure: Symptoms and Causes

By EmpowHER
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Causes of Congestive Heart Failure
Congestive heart failure may be caused by a number of conditions or diseases, including:

• Coronary artery disease or CAD -- narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the heart
• Cardiomyopathy -- damage or an infection that weakens the heart
• Congenital heart disease -- congenital means that you were born with the condition
• Other heart conditions such as heart attack, heart valve disease, or arrhythmias

• Diseases and conditions such as emphysema, over or under-active thyroid, anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, or sleep apnea.

If you currently have any of these conditions, you are more likely to develop congestive heart failure

Heart Failure Symptoms
Symptoms of congestive heart failure may present themselves gradually. In some instances, it’s possible to experience symptoms only when engaged in some type of exertion or physical activity. The symptoms then gradually worsen until you experience them even when at rest.


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