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Internal Hemorrhoids, What Are The Symptoms? - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)

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Internal Hemorrhoids, What Are The Symptoms?  - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)
Internal Hemorrhoids, What Are The Symptoms? - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)
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Dr. Marc Brand shares the symptoms of internal hemorrhoids.

Dr. Brand:
Internal hemorrhoids and their symptoms relate to the lining that covers them and their location. Because of the lining being thin and fragile, it’s something that can easily be made to bleed. So that’s one of the symptoms. Additionally, the lining is moist and it produces mucus, so it’s possible that if the hemorrhoids are hanging out, there may be mucus discharge on the skin and that can cause irritation and itching.

And then finally, because the hemorrhoids are internal and belong inside the anal canal, if they have a problem and begin to hang outside the anal canal that can also cause symptoms, typically of a pressure type of discomfort. Pain is generally not an issue related to the internal hemorrhoids themselves.

About Dr. Marc I. Brand, M.D.:
Dr. Marc I. Brand, M.D., received his Bachelor’s Degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1986 and graduated from Rush Medical College in 1990. Dr. Brand completed eight years of surgical training at the Cleveland Clinic, including a five-year residency in general surgery, a two-year fellowship in surgical research and a one-year fellowship in colorectal surgery.

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