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What Hemorrhoid Treatments Can Doctors Provide? - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)

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What Hemorrhoid Treatments Can Doctors Provide? - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)
What Hemorrhoid Treatments Can Doctors Provide? - Dr. Brand (VIDEO)
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Dr. Brand recalls the options physicians have when treating women with hemorrhoids.

Dr. Brand:
There’s a variety of treatments, whether it be recommendations to improve dietary and lifestyle habits, to have a procedure done in the office, or to have a surgery done under an anesthetic.

In the office setting, treatments that can be easily provided include rubber band ligation and infrared photocoagulation. Both of these help the hemorrhoids by inducing scarring that helps to hold them up inside.

Procedures done in the operating room include excisional hemorrhoidectomy to cut out the hemorrhoid tissue, or procedures that try to preserve hemorrhoid tissue, since it does have a useful function, and do more of the work up on the inside where it’s less sensitive. These include stapled hemorrhoidectomy, which is also known as PPH, and Doppler-guided hemorrhoid artery ligation.

About Dr. Marc I. Brand, M.D.:
Dr. Marc I. Brand, M.D., received his Bachelor’s Degree in biomedical engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1986 and graduated from Rush Medical College in 1990. Dr. Brand completed eight years of surgical training at the Cleveland Clinic, including a five-year residency in general surgery, a two-year fellowship in surgical research and a one-year fellowship in colorectal surgery.

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