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Three Tips To Help Women Find An Experienced Midwife - Dr. DiCampli (VIDEO)

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Dr. DiCampli offers three tips to help women find an experienced midwife.

Dr. DiCampli:
I’d like to give you three tips to finding the perfect midwife for you. The first tip would be to determine what type of midwife you need. So whether it’s a certified nurse midwife in a hospital setting or an out-of-hospital setting. There are two options.

One is a midwife who just provides the basic prenatal labor and delivery and postpartum care. There is also naturopathic midwives, that is what I am, and so not only do I offer the midwifery care in an in-home setting, but I also provide women’s well care and also after birth childcare and a variety of different basic medical family practice needs.

So the second tip is to find a midwife that you really connect to because this is a very important experience and that is probably one of the most significant things is that you can find a really good connection with your midwife.

The third tip is to make sure that your midwife has a good emergency care plan as a precaution, that you are aware of and that you feel comfortable with. A midwife also should be well aware of what your birth plan is, which consists of what your ideals are for the birth, how you would like to see things occur throughout the process.

About Dr. Jesika DiCampli, N.M.D., C.P.M.:
Dr. Jesika DiCampli, N.M.D., C.P.M., is a Certified Professional Midwife offering patients natural prenatal and child birth options throughout the greater Phoenix area. She trained at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona where she received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. Using an array of modalities, she positively and therapeutically impacts the health and wellness of each individual. She provides naturopathic medical care for the entire family throughout the spectrum of life with particular emphasis on pediatrics and women’s medicine.

Visit Dr. DiCampli at Naturopathic Family Care

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