]]>Meal Replacement Diet May Improve Initial Weight Loss Amounts Compared to Patient Controlled Plan]]>

Last Updated: 2010-6-9  ::

Meal replacement diets are one of many diet options to help people lose weight. Researchers from Medifast found that a meal replacement program appeared to be more beneficial in initial weight loss than a plan that involved participant food preparation, but there were some study limits.
]]>Parent-Administered Prednisolone Treatments May Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms and Medical Care in Children]]>

Last Updated: 2010-5-24  ::

Severe asthma attacks in children often include a trip to the doctor's office or emergency room for treatment. Researchers in Australia found that training parents to administer an oral corticosteroid at home not only decreased the need for emergency medical help, but also improved recovery.
]]>Vitamin B Therapy Not Associated with Vascular or Kidney Improvements in Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy]]>

Last Updated: 2010-5-17  ::

Vitamins are most often associated with health benefits, but can high doses of vitamins create more harm than good? A study from Canada found that high doses of Vitamin B may actually decrease kidney and blood vessel health for people with diabetes.
]]>Dietary Saturated Fat Not Associated with Risk for Heart Disease or Stroke]]>

Last Updated: 2010-4-28  ::

Many heart disease and stroke guidelines include recommendations to decrease dietary saturated fats, but the proof of the link is unclear. A systematic review by researchers in California did not find a link between high dietary saturated fats and the development of heart disease or stroke.
]]>Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy for OCD in Children and Adolescents]]>

Last Updated: 2010-4-15  ::

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs most often in late adolescence and early adulthood and can interfere with day to day life. A Cochrane review found that behavioral/cognitive therapy may be as effective as medication in managing OCD.
]]>Fish in Infant Diet May Be Linked to Decreased Risk of Eczema]]>

Last Updated: 2010-3-11  ::

Eczema is caused by genetic factors, but certain environmental irritants and food may be linked to its development. Researchers from Sweden found that infants with an early introduction to fish were less likely to develop eczema.
]]>Walking May Be as Helpful as Resistance Training in Increasing Bone Mineral Density in Men]]>

Last Updated: 2010-3-11  ::

Loss of bone can lead to severe fractures and disability, but there are many steps you can take to build and keep strong healthy bones. Researchers at Curtin University found that walking may be an effective tool in maintaining bone density.

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