]]>Meal Replacement Diet May Improve Initial Weight Loss Amounts Compared to Patient Controlled Plan]]>
Meal replacement diets are one of many diet options to help people lose weight. Researchers from Medifast found that a meal replacement program appeared to be more beneficial in initial weight loss than a plan that involved participant food preparation, but there were some study limits.
]]>Parent Administered Prednisolone Treatments May Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms and Medical Care in Children]]>
Severe asthma attacks in children often include a trip to the doctor's office or emergency room for treatment. Researchers in Australia found that training parents to administer an oral corticosteroid at home not only decreased the need for emergency medical help but also improved recovery.
]]>Vitamin B Therapy Not Associated with Vascular or Kidney Improvements in Patients with Diabetic Neuropathy]]>
Vitamins are most often associated with health benefits but can high doses of vitamins create more harm than good? A study from Canada found that high doses of Vitamin B may actually increase kidney and blood vessel health for people with diabetes.
]]>Dietary Saturated Fat Not Associated with Risk for Heart Disease or Stroke]]>
Many heart disease and stroke guidelines include recommendations to decrease dietary saturated fats, but the proof of the link is unclear. A systematic review by researchers in California did not find a link between high dietary saturated fats and the development of heart disease or stroke.
]]>Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy for OCD in Children and Adolescents]]>
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) occurs most often in late adolescence and early adulthood and can interfere with day to day life. A Cochrane review found that behavioral/cognitive therapy may be as effective as medication in managing OCD.
]]>Fish in Infant Diet May Be Linked to Decreased Risk of Eczema]]>
Eczema is caused by genetic factors but certain environmental irritants and food may be linked to its development. Researchers from Sweden found that infants with an early introduction to fish were less likely to develop eczema.
]]>Walking May Be as Helpful as Resistance Training in Increasing Bone Mineral Density in Men]]>
Loss of bone can lead to severe fractures and disability, but there are many steps you can take to build and keep strong healthy bones. Researchers at Curtin University found that walking may be an effective tool in maintaining bone density.
]]>Sleep, Internet Time, and Alcohol Consumption Linked to Higher BMIs in Female Adolescents]]>
Obesity in children and adolescents can set the stage for early development of illnesses and obesity in adults. Researchers in Boston found that teens with a lack of sleep, too much time on the internet, and alcohol use were more likely to have higher BMIs.
]]>Heart Medication Linked to Reduction in Incidence and Progression of Alzheimer's Disease]]>
Heart medication may be prescribed to help decrease the stress of the heart or to improve its function. A large study from Boston has shown that the medications may also provide some protection against Alzheimer's.
]]>Ginkgo Biloba Not Associated with Slower Decline in Cognitive Function]]>
Ginkgo Biloba is often sold as an aid for a healthy brain but it may not be as effective as some believe. In a large study people that were given ginkgo biloba supplements were not foudn to have lower rates of cognitive decline than those that did not take the supplements.


]]>Supplements Associated with Improved Asthma Control in Children]]>
Good asthma management can lead to decrease use of medicine, illness, and improved quality of life. Researchers from Egypt found that certain vitamins and dietary supplements may be an effective tool for asthma management in children.
]]>Yoga May Be Beneficial in Asthma Control]]>
Researchers from India found that a yoga program may be an effective tool in an asthma management program.
]]>Acetaminophen May Reduce Vaccination Response]]>
Acetaminophen is often given just after vaccines to reduce the chance of developing a fever. However, researchers from the Czech Republic found that in addition to lowering fever, the medication may also lower the immune response to the vaccine.
]]>Breastfeeding and Pacifier Use]]>
A pacifier can help soothe a cranky baby but some worry that it may discourage the infant from breastfeeding. Researchers from Buenos Aires found in their study that pacifier use did not affect the rate of breastfeeding.
]]>Mediterranean Diet May Be Associated with Decreased Risk of Depression]]>
Daily choices like diet or physical activity are known to play an important role in maintaining good physical health but it appears they may also be important for your mental health. Researchers from Spain found that participants who followed a Mediterranean diet were less likely to develop depression.
]]>Lifestyle Habits May Lower Lifetime Risk of Hypertension in Women]]>
Hypertension can lead to serious heart and blood vessel disease but there are lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your risk. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School found six particular habits that may decrease your risk.
]]>Physical Activity and Screen Time Levels May Predict Risk of Obesity in Children]]>
Obesity has been linked to low levels of physical activity and increased hours of time in front of a TV or computer but just how great is the risk? Researchers from Iowa State University found that children with these habits were 3-4 times more likely to be overweight.
]]>Online Self-management Program May Improve Asthma Control]]>
Managing asthma can help decrease your sick days and keep you breathing freely. Research from the Netherlands found that an online program may be able to provide support and decrease problems.
]]>Lifestyle Habits May Lower Lifetime Risk of Heart Failure in Men]]>
Healthy choices have been encouraged to help decrease the risk of many serious illnesses and now it also may help keep the heart strong. Researchers in Boston found that men with certain healthy habits had significantly lower risks of heart failure.
]]>Web and Computer Based Smoking Cessation Programs May Be Effective]]>
Smoking can be a difficult habit to break but supportive tools may increase your chance of success. Researchers in South Korea found that a computer based program may help you stay smoke free through the first year.
]]>Caffeine and Technology Cutting Down Teen Sleep Time ]]>
Technology is a common part of teens' everyday activities, but it may play a role in their sleep time. Researchers from Drexel University found that teens with high technology use at night were more likely to doze off during the day.
]]>Breastfeeding Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Disease Later in Life ]]>
Babies are known to reap benefits from breastfeeding but it appears it may be good for mom too. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that women that breastfed were less likely to develop heart disease later in life.
]]>Water Immersion for Birth May Reduce Labor Pains Without Increasing Risk of Complications ]]>
Warm water immersion has been used for years to help relieve pain and anxiety for women in labor. A review by the Cochrane database found that this birthing option did appear to reduce the need for pain medication and did not increase the risk of illness for the mother or baby.
]]>Meat Choices Linked to Heart Disease and Cancer Deaths]]>
Although the specific reason is not clear, many studies have shown a link between certain illnesses and red or processed meats. Researchers from the National Cancer institute found that eating high levels of these meats may shorten your life expectancy.
]]>Transvaginal Ultrasound and CA 125 Blood Test Not Effective as Screening Test for Ovarian Cancer]]>
A screening test for ovarian cancer would help to diagnose the cancer before it spreads. Unfortunately, the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial found that the CA 125 and Transvaginal Ultrasound were not effective tools for ovarian cancer screening.
]]>Folic Acid Fortification Linked to Decrease in Severe Congenital Heart Disease]]>
Many studies have shown that having the right amount of folic acid in the diet can help prevent birth defects known as neural tube defects. Researchers from Canada found that folic acid may also play a role in preventing birth defects related to the heart.
]]>Home Births for Low Risk Women Does Not Appear to Increase Risk to Baby ]]>
Women with low risk pregnancies may choose to have their birth at home rather than a hospital but some are concerned over the safety of homebirths. A study done in the Netherlands found that homebirths attended by certified midwives were just as safe as hospital births.
]]>Movie Smoking May Encourage Teens to Become Adult Smokers]]>
Teens that smoke regularly have a high risk of becoming smoking adult and developing deadly illnesses. Researchers from Dartmouth Medical School found that the exposure to smoking images in movies may encourage a long term habit.
]]>Diet Soda Intake Linked to Increase Risk of Type 2 Diabetes]]>
Diet soda is often used as a substitute for high sugar drinks for people trying to cut down on calories and sugar intake. However, an observational study from the University of Texas suggests there may be a link between diet soda consumption and type 2 Diabetes.
]]>Replacing Saturated Fats With Polyunsaturated Fats May Decrease Risk of Heart Disease]]>
The type of fat you eat can play as large of a role in the risk of heart disease as the amount of fat you eat. Researchers from Denmark found that replacing saturated fats in a diet with polyunsaturated fats may significantly reduce the risk for heart disease.
]]>Follow Up 10 Years After Mercury Vaccine]]>
Thimerosal is a preservative made with mercury, that was formally used with vaccines. There were some concerns that the mercury caused developmental issues in children that received vaccines with thimerosal. A 10 year follow-up in Italy found no significant developmental differences in children that had received the vaccine.
]]>Specific Nutrient Changes May Not Effect Weight Loss]]>
There are hundreds of choices of diet plans to help you lose weight, many which focus on eliminating or enhancing one nutrient. Researchers from Harvard School of Public Health found that what matters most in weight loss is the amount of calories not the source of the calories.
]]>Desvenlafaxine Daily May Reduce Hot Flashes in Menopause]]>
The best treatment for hot flashes was HRT but there are concerns about its safety. US researchers found that desvenlafaxine, an antidepressant, may help women manage hot flashes.
]]>Obesity in Children and Adolescents May Increase Risk of Mortality in Adulthood ]]>
The rates of obesity in children has been climbing at an alarming rate over the last decade. A study from Sweden found that obesity in youth can lead to early death in adulthood.
]]>Phenylephrine May Not Be Effective For Nasal Congestion ]]>
People with seasonal allergies may begin to flock to medicine cabinets for relief from nasal congestion. But a study done in Vienna suggests that phenylephrine may not be the best choice for relief.
]]>Probiotics May Help Children With Moderate to Severe Eczema]]>
Eczema can cause severe dry and scaly patches on the skin and is most common in children. A research review found that adding probiotics to treatment may help to decrease the symptoms in children with severe eczema.
]]>Certain Anti-Depressants May Be Effective for Severe PMS Symptoms]]>
Severe PMS can cause intense physical and behavioral symptoms that may interfere with your ability to function socially and professionally. A research review finds that some anti-depressant medication may be effective at relieving these symptoms.
]]>A Review of Tonsillectomy to Treat Sore Throats in Children]]>
A tonsillectomy is a common procedure often done for children with recurrent sore throats. A review of past studies indicate that this surgery may not have significant benefits for some.
]]>Higher Vitamin C Intake Associated with Lower Risk of Gout]]>
Gout is a painful inflammatory condition that can cause short term disability. Canadian researchers found that a diet rich with high vitamin C levels may help prevent gout.
]]>B vitamins May Not Protect Against Cognitive Decline in Elderly Women]]>
Cognitive decline is a common problem associated with aging. Some research has suggested vitamin B may decrease the decline. However, results from the Women’s Antioxidant and Folic Acid Cardiovascular Study found that B vitamins did not prevent decline as hoped.
]]>Defining Tolerable Amount of Gluten for People With Celiac Disease]]>
People with Celiac Disease benefit greatly from a gluten-free diet, but can some gluten be tolerated? Researchers in England found that the amount of gluten that can be tolerated can vary widely from person to person.
]]>Obesity and Specific Foods Linked With Risk of Type 2 Diabetes]]>
In many individuals Type 2 diabetes may be a preventable condition with proper lifestyle changes. Two separate studies found specific weight measurements and food choices that may increase the risk for this type of diabetes.
]]>Shoe Insoles Do Not Appear to Prevent Chronic Low Back Pain]]>
Shoes insoles are a common consumer choice to treat back pain. A systematic review by the Cochrane Library suggests that these insoles are not effective in preventing back pain.
]]>Recent Physical Activity Associated With Stroke Prevention]]>
Physical activity has been linked to a decrease chance of stroke. Researchers from Germany found that activity in and through adulthood was most beneficial in reducing the risk of stroke.
]]>Web-Based Program May Help Improve Diabetes Management]]>
Some find that diabetes management and lifestyle changes can be a difficult task. Many studies have shown that a support system is important and the Center for Health Studies in Seattle found that an online version can be effective.
]]>Acupuncture for Low Back Pain]]>
Back pain can greatly impact your life and can be difficult to manage. Research from Northern Ireland suggests that acupuncture may be able to play a role in alleviating back pain.
]]>Exercise Appears Beneficial for Patients With Intermittent Claudication]]>
A Cochrane library review found that a basic exercise program may help increase walking times and decrease pain for people with this chronic leg pain.
]]>The Effect of a Mediterranean Diet Supplemented With Nuts on Metabolic Syndrome]]>
Researchers in Spain tested the benefits of the Mediterranean diet when healthy fats were encouraged through nuts or olive oil compared to a traditional low fat diet. The diets with nuts or oil appear to have better results.
]]>Outcomes in Midwife Attended Births Compared to Traditional Options]]>
A review of birth outcomes from the Cochrane database found that births attended by midwives had some better outcomes than traditional births.
]]>Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation During Pregnancy]]>
Smoking and nicotine can have serious effects on the health of the developing baby, including increasing the risk of death. A study in Denmark found that women that tried nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy had lower risks of stillbirths than those that continued smoking.
]]>Peanut Butter Linked to Salmonella Food Poisoning]]>
Salmonella tainted peanut butter has been responsible for making hundreds of people sick over the last couple of months. The CDC was able to track the source of infection through a series of case studies.
]]>Preteen Alcohol Use Associated With Suicide in Adolescents]]>
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control reviewed the results of a national teen violence survey to find if there is a link between alcohol use and teen violence. The study found that early use of alcohol may be connected to some types of violence.
  Research News of 2008
]]>Cancer Research in 2008]]>
A review of cancer research highlighted in 2008 including improved prevention strategies. The year included a review of studies that did not find a clear link between cell phone use and brain tumors.
]]>Children's Health Research in 2008]]>
A review of research that focused on children's health and well-being. Research this year focused on medication precautions for children.
]]>Diabetes Research in 2008]]>
A review of research that focused on diabetes related research. One major finding this year came with a major study that found low A1C's may not be a safe or effective way to decrease heart disease risks.
]]>Healthy Lifestyle Research in 2008]]>
A review of research that explored lifestyle habits that can help or hurt. Research tried to find a winner among the most popular diet plans and exercise was shown to help mind and body.
]]>Heart Health Research in 2008]]>
A review of research from the past year on heart health. The research included some promising drug combinations which did not perform as hoped and lifestyle habits that were found to affect your heart disease risk.
]]>Medical Care Research in 2008]]>
Medical care options that were explored in the past year. Vaccines may have some new options and alternative treatments may provide some pain relief.
]]>Medication Research in 2008]]>
A review of medication research from the past year. New combinations may provide some help for people with Crohn's Disease and ALS, antibiotics do not appear to provide benefits for some illnesses, and current drugs may find new uses.
]]>Pregnancy Research in 2008]]>
A review of research from the past year about pregnancy from conception to a healthy infant. Researchers studied ways to help mom have a happy, healthy pregnancy from caffeine to asthma to methods of decreasing maternal discomforts.


]]>Caffeine Intake During Pregnancy May Be Associated with Risk of Smaller Babies]]>
There have been many studies on the effect of caffeine on developing babies but the answer remains unclear. In this study, researchers from UK found a link between caffeine consumption and an increased risk of small babies.
]]>Spray Associated with Reduction in Hot Flash Frequency]]>
Hot flashes can cause some very uncomfortable moments. A study from Brown University found a low dose hormone spray may provide some relief for women with moderate to severe hot flashes.
]]>MP3 (iPod) Headphones Near ICD or Pacemaker May Cause Problems]]>
Certain high voltage and magnetic devices are known to cause interference with heart devices. Researchers from leading heart centers found that the headphones of common personal devices can also cause interference.
]]>Childhood Cancer Radiation Not Associated with Increased Risk of Miscarriage]]>
Radiation therapy is a common part of many cancer treatments but may effect future fertility options. The Danish Cancer Society reviewed the births of several past cancer patients and found, in most cases, there was no increased risks for birth defects.
]]>Sponge May Be Less Effective than Diaphragm in Preventing Pregnancies]]>
The sponge is often seen as a less complicated birth control alternative to the diaphragm. A Cochrane Library review found that pregnancy rates were higher in women using the sponge compared to the diaphragm users.
]]>Covering of Head During Sleep Associated With Increase Risk of SIDS]]>
The cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is still unclear, but several habits are known to increase the risk for it. Researchers in England reviewed previous studies demonstrated how blankets in the crib can increase the risk for SIDS.
]]>Acupressure May Decrease Preoperative Anxiety in Children]]>
Medical procedures such as colonoscopy and endoscopy can be stressful on children. Researchers from Yale University found that a simple acupressure treatment may relieve some of the anxiety.
]]>Moderate Intensity Walking May Reduce Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio in Men With Hypercholesterolemia]]>
Physical activity is recommended to help decrease risks of heart disease including high cholesterol. Researchers in England set out to determine if a simple walking program really did provide cholesterol benefits.
]]>Therapeutic Exercise Reduces Pain and Improves Function for Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis]]>
Osteoarthritis causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the affected joint. While the painful joints may encourage rest, several studies have shown that exercise can reduce pain and decrease stiffness.
]]>Increased Dietary Fiber May Improve Constipation Conditions With Pelvic Floor Disorder]]>
Constipation is a fairly common problem and for people with pelvic floor disorders it can become a significant one. A study at the Indiana University Hospital found that a high fiber diet not only decreased constipation but decreased risk of further pelvic floor complications.
]]>Poorly Controlled Maternal Asthma May Increase Risk of Preterm Birth]]>
Many mothers-to-be with asthma decrease or even avoid their asthma medications because of fears of the effect of asthma medication on developing babies. The University of New Mexico found that avoiding the medications was actually more harmful to mom and baby.
]]>Varicella Vaccine May Be Helpful After Exposure to Chickenpox]]>
The Varicella vaccine provides protection against developing chickenpox but not everyone receives the vaccine. Studies have begin to show that the vaccine delivered shortly after exposure may still be able to provide protective benefits.
]]>Counseling May Be Associated With Improved Short Term Weight Loss in People at Risk of Developing Diabetes]]>
Being overweight is a major risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes, but weight loss can be difficult to achieve. Researchers in England found some basic counseling efforts were helpful to people trying to lose weight.
]]>Decongestants and Antihistamines May Have Little Use in Treatment of Otitis Media in Children]]>
These medications are given to relieve the discomfort and shorten the length of otitis media, or ear infection. However, researchers found that the prescription of decongestants and antihistamines made no improvements in either.
]]>Leech Therapy May Improve Arthritic Pain and Functionality]]>
Osteoarthritis causes inflammation in the joints which results in pain and limited movement. In a recent German study, the unique benefits of leech therapy were found useful in relief of pain and improvement in function for osteoarthritis patients.
]]>Premedication With Lidocaine Gel May Decrease Discomfort During Mammography]]>
Mammography is the best known tool for breast cancer screening, but it is an uncomfortable procedure for some women. A recent study found that a lidocaine gel provided some relief of discomfort and made women more comfortable.
]]>Smoked Cannabis Reduces HIV-Associated Neuropathic Pain]]>
Neuropathic pain can be difficult to treat and can significantly affect quality of life. A study at San Francisco General Hospital found that cannabis may be an effective tool to managing neuropathic pain.
]]>Support Garment May Reduce Back Pain Discomfort During Pregnancy]]>
Physical changes and growth of the baby during pregnancy can cause strain on the low back and pelvis. A review of two pregnancy support garments found one was better in providing active support.
]]>Effects of Exercise on 24-Month Maintenance of Weight Loss]]>
Exercise is known to be important to weight loss and maintenance but just how much is necessary. Researchers found the women with the highest exercise times maintained the highest weight loss.
]]>Sugar-Sweetened Fruit Drinks Linked to Increased Chance of Type 2 Diabetes in African American Women]]>
A surge of sugar sweetened fruit drinks have hit the markets, promoted as healthy alternatives to soft drinks. However, researchers have found the sugar sweetened fruit drinks may be capable of increasing the risk for type 2 diabetes.
]]>Gallbladder Disease and Use of Oral versus Transdermal Hormone Replacement Therapy]]>
Hormone replacement therapy has been linked to increase rates of gallbladder disease in middle aged women. A study from England has found that the risk of gallbladder disease decreased with the use of transdermal patches instead of oral medication.
]]>Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines for Healthy Children]]>
The influenza vaccine is recommended for young children every year as a flu prevention. A review of several studies assessed the effectiveness of the vaccine for healthy children in preventing flu like illnesses.
]]>NEDAs May Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome But Have Limiting Side Effects]]>
Medication is often used to treat severe cases of Restless Leg Syndrome. Researchers in Connecticut reviewed several studies and found that although the drugs were successful in treating symptoms the side effects were difficult to tolerate.
]]>Physical Activity Found to Decrease Loss of Cognition and Development of Vascular Dementia]]>
Loss of cognition and dementia are common and often incurable conditions associated with aging. An Italian study found that regular activity may provide some protection for the brain.
]]>Muscular Strength and Rates of Death in Men 20-80 Years of Age]]>
Strength training is known for helping build better physiques but it may also prove to be vital to your health. Researchers found that despite age and weight, men with higher strength levels were less likely to die from cancer or heart disease.
]]>Topiramate Treatments Improve Quality of Life for People with Alcohol Dependence]]>
Alcohol addiction recovery involves social, psychological, and physiological change. A seizure medication has shown potential to help physical and psychological problems in alcohol addiction recovery.
]]>Western Diet Increases Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome]]>
Metabolic syndrome increases the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease some of the leading killers in the US. Researchers found a definite link between a western style diet and the development of this syndrome.
]]>Long-term Cellular Use Not Clearly Associated with Increased Risk of Brain Tumors]]>
Recent news reports have raised concerns about cell phone use and brain tumor development. A review of several studies found that there is no conclusive evidence that cell phones increase risk of brain tumor.
]]>Effectiveness of Diets for Weight Loss]]>
There are hundreds of diets and diet products all claiming to be the best method to lose weight. This study attempted to find the best diet by comparing weight loss and health changes in three of the most popular diets. Unfortunately, there was no clear winner.
]]>Magnet Therapies Appear Ineffective for Muscle Soreness and Back Pain but May Reduce Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis]]>
There are several products that claim to help manage your pain with magnets, but researchers found that magnets may not be as effective as they are claimed to be.
]]>Yoga in Pregnancy May Improve Labor Discomfort]]>
Researchers in Thailand set out to determine if yoga can provide benefits for pregnant women. The study found that yoga may help mothers through the delivery process.
]]>Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis May Be Increased with Prolonged Periods of Sitting at Desk]]>
Blood clots can lead to disabling and sometimes fatal conditions. This New Zealand study found that sitting at a desk for long periods of time can increase the risk for blood clot development.
]]>Risks Associated with Low A1C Target]]>
Two large studies were conducted in hopes of demonstrating lower heart and kidney disease risks for people with diabetes through intensive blood glucose control. However, both studies found serious complications from the approach including hospitalizations and death.
]]>Testing of Vaccine for Traveler’s Diarrhea]]>
Traveler's diarrhea has ruined many vacations. A trial on a new vaccine shows some promise to decreasing the intensity and duration of the common travel illness.
]]>Sleeping Aids for Seniors and Seniors with Dementia: Melatonin and Zolpidem]]>
Two studies reviewed different approaches to helping seniors sleep better. While the pharmaceutical zolpidem had promising results, melatonin demonstrated negative reactions in seniors with dementia.
]]>Red Meat Link to Hypertension in Women Over 45 Years]]>
Many heart healthy diets discourage the consumption of too much red meat. This study from Brigham and Women's Hospital supported a link between red meat and increased risk of hypertension.
]]>Coffee Consumption and Cardiovascular Mortality]]>
Conflicting research has lead to concerns about the role coffee plays in the development of heart disease. Two recent studies have shown that not only was coffee not linked to risk of heart disease but coffee drinkers had lower mortality rates.
]]>Smoking and Smoking Cessation in Relation to Mortality in Women]]>
Research from the Nurse's Health Study confirms the higher rates of death for smokers, but also showed a promising decrease in risk for those that had stopped smoking.
]]>Breastfeeding Promotion Associated with Improved Verbal Intelligence Quotient at Age 6.5 Years]]>
A study by Canadian Universities finds there may a link between verbal intelligence and breastfeeding after following children for six years.
]]>Antiepileptic Drugs May Not Be Helpful For Patients with Brain Tumor and Without History of Seizures]]>
Antiseizure medications are often given to people with brain tumors to prevent seizures but the medicines side effects may be worse than the benefits.
]]>Combination of Medications for Cardiovascular Disease Does Not Reduce Mortality]]>
ACE-inhibitors and Angiotensin receptor blockers have independently demonstrated an ability to lower risks of heart disease. However, when the drugs were combined there was no improvement in the numbers of illness or death, in fact there may be some additional kidney problems.
]]>Lithium for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis]]>
A small study suggests the use of Lithium to treat patients with ALS may have some benefits. Researchers found promising results in slowing the progression of the disease and lengthening the patients lives.
]]>Cleaning Wounds with Drinkable Tap Water]]>
Unfounded fears about the safety of tap water have led to an enormous industry of bottled water and water filtration systems. However, a review of several studies found that for cleaning wounds, tap water may be a better answer.
]]>Electrocardiogram before ADHD Medication]]>
The American Heart Association has released a new guideline that recommend an ECG for children before receiving ADHD medications. The review was based on FDA review that found illness or deaths in children that had been given stimulant medications.
]]>Presenting "Lung Age" Spirometry Results Increases Smoking Cessation at 12 Months]]>
Smoking cessation has remained a challenge for many people, despite the risks for serious lung disease. A new study has shown that giving someone their "lung age" may be a new motivation tool.
]]>Adjunctive Acupuncture Improves Pregnancy Rates in Women Having IVF]]>
A promising review showed acupuncture may help improve pregnancy rates in women undergoing IVF.
]]>Maintaining Target Hemoglobin A1c Less than 6% May Increase Mortality in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes]]>
A recent study halted their research of intensive blood-glucose lowering treatment (A1c's lower than 6%) after participants developed death rates higher than their control counterparts. However, a second major diabetes study did not find the same link.
]]>Combination Infliximab Plus Azathioprine for Newly Diagnosed Crohn’s Disease]]>
Promising results were found when researchers administered a combination drug treatment to patients recently diagnosed with Chrohn's disease.
]]>Amoxicillin Does Not Appear Effective for Acute Maxillary Sinusitis]]>
Improper use of antibiotics can lead to serious health consequences. This study was able to demonstrate that although antibiotics may be prescribed for sinus infections they are not an effective treatment.
]]>Addition of Ezetimibe to Simvastatin Ineffective for Reducing Carotid Artery Blockage]]>
A review of the study released by the makers of Ezetimibe. While the blockages in the carotid arteries did not improve, there were significant reductions in LDL cholesterol levels.
]]>Oral Testosterone Does Not Affect Function in Elderly Men with Low Testosterone Levels]]>
Study participants, men 60-80 years old, showed no significant change in muscle strength, overall physical ability, intellectual function, bone mineral density, or quality of life. In addition, some heart disease risk factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol were worse at the end of the study.
]]>10 Most Popular Research News of 2007]]>


]]>South African Geranium Extract Hastens Recovery From the Common Cold]]>
]]>Coronary Bypass Surgery Increases Freedom From Angina More Than Angioplasty]]>
]]>Prednisolone Improves Recovery From Bell’s Palsy]]>
]]>Medication May Reduce Heavy Drinking and Increase Abstinence in Alcoholics]]>
]]>Influenza Vaccine Reduces Death and Hospitalization From Complications of Influenza]]>
]]>Eflornithine Combined With Laser Treatment May Be More Effective Than Laser Treatment Alone for Facial Hair Removal Above the Lip]]>
]]>Psychotherapy Improves Long-term Survival of Patients With Gastrointestinal Cancer]]>
]]>Nicotine Replacement Therapy Helps Reduce Smoking Temporarily, But Reduction Alone May Not Improve Health]]>
]]>Vitamin C Therapy May Help Prevent Chronic Pain Syndrome]]>
]]>"Diet Plate" May Help People With Diabetes Lose Weight]]>
]]>Home Glucose Monitoring May Be Ineffective in Certain People With Type 2 Diabetes]]>
]]>Study Confirms Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk]]>
]]>Antibiotics May Be Better Than Appendectomies in Some Cases]]>
]]>Taking Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements May Reduce Cancer Risk]]>
]]>Early Surgery Relieves Sciatica Pain Faster, but Nonsurgical Treatment Is Just as Effective in the Long-term]]>
]]>Diabetes Medication May Increase the Risk of Heart Attack]]>
]]>Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Effective in Preventing Cervical Cancer Lesions]]>
]]>Updated Guidelines for the Prevention of Infective Endocarditis Restrict Antibiotics to People at Highest Risk]]>
]]>Beta-blockers Don’t Prevent Complications of High Blood Pressure as Effectively as Other Medications]]>
]]>Surgery May Not Be Beneficial for People With Stable Heart Disease]]>
]]>Study Suggests Antioxidant Supplements May Increase the Risk of Death]]>
]]>Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Is an Effective, but Short-term Treatment for PTSD in Female Veterans]]>
]]>Circumcision Reduces the Risk of HIV Infection by Half in Heterosexual Men]]>
]]>Nicotine Replacement Therapy Modestly Boosts Long-term Success Rates for Smokers]]>
]]>Lifestyle Changes as Effective as Drugs in Preventing Progression to Diabetes]]>
]]>Informing Partners of STI Patients Reduces Ongoing and Recurrent Sexually Transmitted Infections]]>
]]>Folic Acid Supplements May Help Reduce Age-related Hearing Loss]]>
]]>Men With Enlarge Prostates Who Self-manage Their Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Are More Successful With Treatment]]>
]]>Eszopiclone Improves Sleep Quality in Women With Insomnia Due to Menopause]]>


]]>Enhanced Support for Caregivers Results in Delayed Nursing Home Placement for Alzheimer’s Patients]]>
]]>Treatment With Endarterectomy Is Safer Than Stenting for Severe Carotid Artery Stenosis]]>
]]>Lifestyle Changes Have a Lasting Impact on Type 2 Diabetes Risk]]>
]]>Women Reported Less Discomfort When Pelvic Exams Were Done Without Stirrups]]>
]]>Study Examines Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow]]>
]]>Allergy Sufferers Given a Ragweed Vaccine Reported Fewer Hay Fever Symptoms]]>
]]>Screening Program May Decrease Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes]]>
]]>Menthol Cigarettes May Make Quitting Harder, but Are No More Harmful Than Non-menthol Cigarettes]]>
]]>Diabetes, not Obesity, Increases the Risk of Organ Failure and Death]]>
]]>Doctors May Not Communicate Enough Information About Prescriptions]]>
]]>Allergies May Be Associated With Sleeping Problems]]>
]]>Infusion of Bone Marrow Cells After a Heart Attack May Improve Heart Function]]>
]]>Acupuncture Slightly Better Than Usual Care for Long-term Treatment of Low Back Pain]]>
]]>Most Ear Infections Resolve Without Antibiotic Treatment]]>
]]>Study Identifies Risk Factors in Children With Heart Condition]]>
]]>Green Tea Consumption Associated With Reduced Risk of Death]]>
]]>Greater Breast Density Is Associated With Elevated Breast Cancer Risk]]>
]]>Study Finds Older Fathers Are More Likely to Have Autistic Children]]>
]]>Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) May Reduce Risk of Prostate Enlargement]]>
]]>Can Celebrex Help Prevent Colorectal Polyps?]]>
]]>Electrical Brain Stimulation May Enhance Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease]]>
]]>Accutane Treatment for Acne Increases Risk of Abnormal Blood Test Results]]>
]]>Both Overweight and Obesity Are Associated With a Greater Risk of Premature Death]]>
]]>PET Scans May Help Identify Breast Cancer That Has Spread to the Lymph Nodes]]>
]]>New Drug Helps Smokers Quit, Without Cravings]]>
]]> Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Is a Common Cause of Skin Infections in Healthy Adults ]]>
]]>Study Suggests Many Men With Prostate Cancer May Be Overtreated]]>
]]>Antidepressant Use Increases Risk of Suicide Attempts and Suicide Deaths in Children and Adolescents]]>
]]>Breastfed Children May Be Better Equipped to Handle Stress]]>
]]>Researchers Use Genetic Information to Predict Lung Cancer Recurrence]]>
]]>Unsafe Firearms Storage More Common in Homes With Teenagers Than in Homes With Younger Children]]>
]]>Study Compares Methods for Detecting Domestic Violence in Healthcare Settings]]>
]]>Patients With a History of Unexplained Symptoms Are More Likely to Misinterpret a Doctor’s Explanation]]>
]]>A Low Glycemic Load Diet Leads to Greater Weight Loss and Lower Risk of Heart Disease]]>
]]>Estrogen Plus Testosterone Hormone Therapy Associated With Increased Breast Cancer Risk]]>
]]>Tamoxifen Therapy for Breast Cancer Prevention Is Expensive and Ineffective for Most High-risk Women]]>
]]>Light to Moderate Alcohol Consumption Improves Lifespan and Heart Health, but Not by Reducing Inflammation]]>
]]>Telephone Counseling May Help Smokers Quit]]>
]]>It’s Never Too Late: People Who Begin Exercise Later in Life Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk]]>
]]>Can Dietary Modifications Improve Cancer Outcomes?]]>
]]>Living Alone Increases the Risk of Serious Heart Disease]]>
]]>Burning Calories Through Any Activity Not Just Exercise Reduces Risk of Death]]>
]]>Combination of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Reduces Risk of Stroke in Women]]>
]]>Study Investigates the Health Benefits and Risks of Raloxifene]]>
]]>To Reduce the Risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration, Eat Fatty Fish and Refrain From Smoking]]>
]]>Obesity Linked With Depression and Anxiety Disorders]]>
]]>Taking Your Medications Is Linked With Good Health]]>
]]>Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes]]>
]]>Women With Severe Hot Flashes Are More Likely to Have Insomnia]]>
]]>Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works Better Than Newer Sleep Medication for Insomnia]]>
]]>Cyclophosphamide Proven Better Than Placebo for Treating Lung Disease Due to Scleroderma]]>
]]>Condom Use Reduces Risk of Infection With Human Papillomavirus (HPV)]]>
]]>New Strides in Preventing and Detecting Cervical Cancer: The HPV Vaccine and Screening Test]]>
]]>Study Finds Antidepressant May Not Prevent Anorexia Relapse]]>
]]>Transcendental Meditation Reduces Risk Factors for Heart Disease]]>
]]>Raloxifene as Effective as Tamoxifen in Reducing Breast Cancer Risk]]>
]]>New Study Investigates How Breast Cancer Subtypes Affect Different Groups of Women]]>
]]>Weight Loss Programs That Offer Ongoing Support Are More Likely to Succeed]]>
]]>Anger Disorder Affects Many, but Is Not Effectively Recognized or Treated]]>
]]>The Rhythm Method May Cause More Embryonic Deaths Than Some Other Contraceptives]]>
]]>MR Spectroscopy Increases Breast Cancer Detection Accuracy]]>
]]>One Clean Colonoscopy Every Ten Years Significantly Reduces Risk of Colorectal Cancer]]>
]]>Metabolic Syndrome Increases a Man’s Risk for Heart Failure]]>
]]>Problems With Physical Function May Be an Early Sign of Dementia]]>
]]>Study Suggests Nutritional Supplement, Policosanol, Does Not Improve Cholesterol Levels]]>
]]>Early Detection of Childhood Hearing Impairment Improves Language Ability Later in Childhood]]>
]]>Moderate Stress During Pregnancy Does Not Hinder, and May Help, Child Development]]>
]]>Social Roles and Women’s Health in Mid-life]]>
]]>Enhanced Healthcare Program Benefits Alzheimer’s Patients and Their Caregivers]]>
]]>Inhaled Corticosteroids Do Not Prevent Asthma in High-risk Children]]>
]]>Misrepresentations of Coma in Movies Influence Real-life Decisions]]>
]]>Infants Treated for Moderately High Bilirubin Levels at Birth Have Normal Brain Function]]>
]]>Study Investigates Treatments for Alcohol Dependence]]>
]]>Nonhormonal Therapies for Menopausal Hot Flashes]]>
]]>Compliance With Treatment Guidelines for Suspected Heart Attacks Saves Lives]]>
]]>Studies Evaluate Reliability of Pacemakers and Implantable Defibrillators]]>
]]>To Protect Bones From Osteoporosis-related Fractures, Calcium Supplements Must be Taken Regularly]]>
]]>Calcium Supplementation May Not Improve Bone Health in Children]]>
]]>Mercury-containing Amalgam Dental Fillings Do Not Impair IQ or Other Neurologic Functions in Children]]>
]]>Breast Implants Do Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk or Overall Risk of Cancer]]>
]]>Estrogen Alone Does Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk]]>
]]>HPV Vaccine and the Prevention of Cervical Cancer]]>
]]>For People With Heart Disease, ACE Inhibitors Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, and Death]]>
]]>Soy Foods Have Little Effect on Breast Cancer Risk]]>
]]>New Study Examines Effects of Prayer in Heart Surgery Patients]]>
]]>Problems of Inattention and Hyperactivity in Children Improve After Surgery to Treat Sleep Apnea]]>
]]>Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce Blood Pressure for Up to 18 Months]]>
]]>New Study Investigates Effectiveness of a Bird Flu Vaccine]]>
]]>Smokers and Drinkers Develop Colorectal Cancer Years Earlier Than Nonsmokers and Nondrinkers]]>
]]>Loneliness Associated With Elevated Blood Pressure]]>
]]>Sick Building Syndrome Is a Misnomer: Symptoms Are Linked to Job Stress Rather Than Physical Workspace]]>
]]>Children Benefit When Mothers’ Depression Is Successfully Treated]]>
]]>Adjusting Antidepressant Medications May Relieve Symptoms of Depression]]>
]]>Lifelong Low LDL Cholesterol Levels Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease]]>
]]>The B Vitamins, Folic Acid, B6, and B12 Do Not Protect Against Heart Attack, Stroke, or Death From Vascular Disease]]>
]]>Using Humidity to Lessen Symptoms of Croup]]>
]]>Early Treatment of Elevated Blood Pressure May Help Prevent Full-Blown Hypertension]]>
]]>Depression Negatively Affects Mothers’ Interactions With Their Infants]]>
]]>Children Who Take Antidepressant Drugs Have a Moderate Increase in Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors]]>
]]>Acupuncture as Effective as Medications for Migraines]]>
]]>The Risk of Breast Cancer Over-Diagnosis With Mammography]]>
]]>Delayed Surgery May Be a Safe Treatment Alternative for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer]]>
]]>Optimistic Outlook Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular Death in Older Men]]>
]]>Thrill-seeking Behavior Is Associated With a Lower Risk of Parkinson’s Disease]]>
]]>Procedure May Correct Irregular Heart Rhythms]]>
]]>New Study Questions Effectiveness of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis]]>
]]>Over-the-counter Decongestant Treats Allergy Symptoms as Effectively as Prescription Medication]]>
]]>Helmet Use Associated With a Reduced Risk of Injury While Skiing or Snowboarding]]>
]]>Low-Carbohydrate Diets: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?]]>
]]>Antioxidants Do Not Reduce Risk for Prostate Cancer]]>
]]>Major Study Investigates How Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements Affect Bone Health]]>
]]>Reducing Total Fat Intake May Not Prevent Cardiovascular Disease]]>
]]>Can a Low-Fat Diet Help Prevent Cancer? Two Studies Weigh in]]>
]]>Extremely Low Birthweight Babies Transition Into Adulthood As Successfully As Their Normal Birthweight Peers]]>
]]>Can Saw Palmetto Help With Symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?]]>
]]>Stem Cell Transplantation May Benefit People With Severe Lupus]]>
]]>Unplanned Attempts to Quit Smoking Are More Likely to Succeed Than Planned Attempts]]>
]]>To Decrease Your Risk of Stroke, Eat More Fruits and Vegetables]]>
]]>Preparing for Childbirth With Massage May Reduce the Rate of Episiotomy and Trauma]]>
]]>Antiviral Drugs Won’t Be Effective Against a Flu Pandemic]]>
]]>Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the Risk of Cancer]]>
]]>New Study Identifies a Genetic Link to Parkinson’s Disease]]>
]]>Regular Exercise After Age 65 May Reduce Your Risk of Dementia]]>
]]>Men and Women Receive Significant, but Different, Benefits From Aspirin]]>
]]>Diagnosing Meningococcal Disease Earlier]]>
]]>Delaying Surgery Is a Safe Option for Men With Minimally Symptomatic Hernias]]>
]]>Obesity May Increase Risk of Hospitalization and Death Later in Life]]>
]]>Children Are No Safer in SUVs Than Other Vehicles]]>
]]>Study Investigates Effects of Morning Grogginess]]>
]]>Abdominal Chemotherapy May Improve Survival in Women With Ovarian Cancer]]>
]]>Low-Fat Diets Are Not Associated With Weight Gain]]>
]]>Study Investigates Hangover Remedies]]>
]]>Study Sheds Light on the Link Between Antidepressant Use and Suicide Risk]]>


]]>Antioxidant-Rich Foods May Reduce the Risk of Macular Degeneration]]>
]]>Soap Operas Portray Unrealistically Optimistic Outcomes After Comas]]>
]]>Low Levels of Fitness Are Common and Associated With Cardiovascular Risk Factors]]>
]]>Yoga Helps Improve Low Back Pain and Function]]>
]]>The Longer It Takes to Get Pregnant, the Greater the Chances of Having a Boy]]>
]]>Intensive Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Cuts Cardiovascular Risk]]>
]]>Depression Increases Risk of Heart Disease, Especially in Younger People]]>
]]>High Fiber Intake May Not Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk]]>
]]>Sleeping With a Pacifier May Reduce Risk of SIDS Death]]>
]]>Drinking Tea May Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer]]>
]]>Wounds Heal Slower in Couples Who Fight]]>
]]>School Food Practices May Put Students at Increased Risk of Being Overweight]]>
]]>Hospitalization Rates for Pneumonia on the Rise in Older Adults]]>
]]>Depressed Heart Disease Patients More Likely to Skip Medications and Have Higher Stress Hormone Levels]]>
]]>Restoring Levels of the Hormone Leptin Makes It Easier to Maintain Weight Loss]]>
]]>Swimming With Dolphins May Help Ease Depression]]>
]]>Researchers Identify Nine Risk Factors That Lead to Over One-Third of Cancers Worldwide]]>
]]>Women Who Breastfeed Are Less Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes]]>
]]>Weight-Loss Medication in Combination With Lifestyle Modification Shows Better Results]]>
]]>Experimental Weight Loss Drug Shows Promise in People Who Have Cholesterol Problems]]>
]]>Incorporating More Protein or Unsaturated Fats Into Your Diet May Help Reduce Cardiovascular Risk]]>
]]>Higher Placental Weights Put Moms at Increased Risk for Breast Cancer]]>
]]>Sleep Deprivation in Children Associated With Academic and Attention Problems]]>
]]>Waist-to-Hip Ratio Best Measure of Obesity-Related Heart Attack Risk]]>
]]>Caffeine Consumption Does Not Increase Risk of Hypertension]]>
]]>Physicians May Overprescribe Antibiotics to Children With Sore Throats]]>
]]>Biology May Explain Why Adolescents Fall Asleep Later]]>
]]>New Approach to Cervical Cancer in Developing Countries Appears Safe and Effective]]>
]]>Abortion of Unwanted Pregnancies Not Associated With Increased Risk of Depression]]>
]]>Decline in Breast Cancer Death Rate Attributable to Screening and Adjuvant Therapy]]>
]]>Pneumococcal Vaccine for Children May Protect Adults From Pneumococcal Diseases]]>
]]>Justice at Work Associated With Reduced Risk of Coronary Heart Disease]]>
]]>Does Retiring Earlier Extend Your Lifespan?]]>
]]>Heaviest and Fastest-growing Infants More Likely to be Obese as Children, Adolescents, and Adults]]>
]]>Rates of Weight-Loss Surgery Have Increased Significantly, but Complication Rates Remain Stable]]>
]]>African American Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer May Benefit From Genetic Testing]]>
]]>Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Affect Blood’s Ability to Clot]]>
]]>Eating More Fish May Help Slow Cognitive Decline With Age]]>
]]>Study Suggests Most Americans Are or Will Become Overweight]]>
]]>Even Within “Normal” Blood Glucose Range, Some People Have Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes than Others]]>
]]>Red Sox Fever Associated With Fewer Emergency Room Visits]]>
]]>Heavy Smokers Who Cut Down Reduce Their Risk for Lung Cancer]]>
]]>Regular Exercise Helps Decrease Pain in Older Adults]]>
]]>Beta-Carotene Reduces the Risk of Tobacco-Related Cancers in Nonsmokers, but Increases It in Smokers]]>
]]> Study Suggests Women With High Stress Levels Are Less Likely to Develop Breast Cancer ]]>
]]>Higher Soy Food Consumption May Decrease Risk of Fracture in Postmenopausal Women]]>
]]>Instant Hand Sanitizers Reduce the Spread of Secondary GI Infections in Families With Children in Daycare]]>
]]>Consequences of Heavy Work Load During Medical Training Similar to Alcohol Impairment]]>
]]>Most People Considering Plastic Surgery Seek Personal Benefit, Not Perfection]]>
]]>Homeopathic Remedies Are No More Effective Than Placebos]]>
]]>Long Working Hours Increase Risk of Work-related Injury or Illness]]>
]]>Regular Aspirin Use Linked to Decreased Risk of Colorectal Cancer in Women]]>
]]>Can a Person Be Addicted to Tanning?]]>
]]>Better Outcomes Associated With Breast Cancer Detected Through Screening]]>
]]>Patients Who Trust Their Doctors Are More Likely to Take Their Medications, Even When Costs Are High]]>
]]>Multivitamin Supplements Do Not Appear to Prevent Infection in Healthy Older Adults]]>
]]>Cognitive Therapy May Help Prevent Repeated Suicide Attempts]]>
]]>Study Examines Link Between Choice of Dialysis Type and Death in Kidney Failure Patients]]>
]]>Blood Pressure Control Lacking in People Over 80]]>
]]>Echinacea Not Effective for Preventing or Treating the Common Cold]]>
]]>Certain Types of Benign Breast Disease Increase Risk for Breast Cancer—and Family History Plays a Role Too]]>
]]>Extremely Low Birth Weight Babies May Face Health and Education Problems as They Reach School Age]]>
]]>Simple Intervention May Increase Hospice Enrollment and Improve End-of-Life Care for Nursing Home Residents]]>
]]>Levels of Male Hormones Not Predictive of Sexual Function in Women]]>
]]>Vitamin E Does Not Appear to Prevent Heart Disease or Cancer in Healthy Women]]>
]]>Children With Televisions in Their Bedrooms Score Lower on Academic Achievement Tests]]>
]]>Postnatal Depression in Fathers May Affect Their Children]]>
]]>Physicians Find Annual Exams Valuable Despite Lack of Evidence]]>
]]>Home Childbirth Appears Safe—If Not Safer—for Low Risk Women]]>
]]>Here’s to Good Friends, and Long Life]]>
]]>Antibiotics Not Beneficial in Treating Lower Respiratory Tract Infections]]>
]]>Treating Gestational Diabetes Improves Pregnancy Outcomes for Mother and Baby]]>
]]>Woman Has Successful Pregnancy After Ovarian Transplant]]>
]]>Diets High in Calcium and Vitamin D May Reduce the Risk of Premenstrual Syndrome]]>
]]>Airbags May Increase Risk of Injury in Children Up to Age 14]]>
]]>Children Living Near a High-voltage Power Line at Birth at Increased Risk for Childhood Leukemia]]>
]]>An Update on the Mental Health Status of Americans]]>
]]>Physicians Practicing Defensive Medicine to Avoid Malpractice]]>
]]>Study Indicates Shingles Vaccine Would be Highly Effective]]>
]]>Noninvasive Imaging Test Identifies Blocked Blood Vessels as Well as Invasive Coronary Angiography]]>
]]>Hair Dye Not Linked to an Increase in Cancer Risk]]>
]]>Physical Activity After Breast Cancer Diagnosis May Improve Survival]]>
]]>Introducing Gluten to an Infant’s Diet Too Soon—or Too Late—May Raise the Risk of Celiac Disease in Predisposed Children]]>
]]>Colonoscopy More Accurate Than Sigmoidoscopy in Women]]>
]]>Breast Cancer Treatment: An Update on Long-Term Outcomes]]>
]]>Heart-Rate Profile as Indicator of Sudden Death]]>
]]>Low-Fat Dairy Intake Linked to Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Men]]>
]]>Surgery May Have Significant Long-Term Benefits Over Watchful Waiting for Prostate Cancer]]>
]]>Students of Transcendental Meditation Live Longer, One Study Finds]]>
]]>The Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on Cancer Screening]]>
]]>True Acupuncture No More Effective Than Sham Acupuncture for Migraine—But Both More Effective Than No Treatment at All]]>
]]>Preliminary Study Suggests Gene Therapy Slows Alzheimer’s Progression]]>
]]>Few Americans Report Behaviors of a Healthy Lifestyle]]>
]]>Patient Requests for Medications Significantly Influence Physician Prescribing]]>
]]>Antibiotic Treatment Does Not Reduce Risk of Coronary Events]]>
]]>Mercury Levels and Cognitive Functioning in Adults]]>
]]>Larger Waistlines Linked to Insulin Resistance]]>
]]>The Influence of Lung Cancer Screening Tests on Smoking Cessation]]>
]]>Cell Phones and Risk for Brain Tumors]]>
]]> Smoking During Pregnancy May Increase Your Grandchild’s Risk of Developing Asthma ]]>
]]>Controlling High Blood Pressure and Its Risks for Both Black and Non-Black Patients]]>
]]>Cognitive Therapy—With the Right Therapist—May Treat Depression as Effectively as Medications]]>
]]>Young Children’s Home Environment Linked to Bullying Behavior in Grade School]]>
]]>Aspirin as Primary Prevention for Cardiovascular Disease in Women]]>
]]>Advertising by Academic Medical Centers]]>
]]>Aspirin Appears as Effective as Warfarin in Preventing Certain Types of Stroke]]>
]]>Mental Illness After the Death of a Child]]>
]]>People With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Less Likely to Experience the Placebo Effect]]>
]]>Acupuncture and Exercise May Help Relieve Pregnancy-Related Pelvic Pain]]>
]]>Does Vitamin E Supplementation Provide a Benefit?]]>
]]>Effectiveness of a Low Carbohydrate Diet for Obese Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes]]>
]]>Obesity Could Lead to Decline in Life Expectancy]]>
]]>Computerized Prescription Entry Systems May Cause Some Medication Errors, While Preventing Others]]>
]]>No Time to Lose in Treating Warning Signs of Stroke]]>
]]>Phase 1 Trials of Anticancer Drugs May Benefit Patients More than Previously Reported]]>
]]>Medication Errors Often Occur Upon Hospital Admission]]>
]]>Preventing Prostate Cancer With Finasteride]]>
]]>Prevention of Surgical Site Infections Needs Improvement]]>
]]>Celebrex Increases Risk of Death from Cardiovascular Disease]]>
]]>The Effects of a Smoking Cessation Intervention 15 Years Later]]>
]]>Longer-Practicing Physicians Less Likely to Adhere to Standards of Care]]>
]]>Transplantation of Pancreatic Cells Into Women With Type 1 Diabetes Shows Encouraging Results]]>
]]>Parents Would Vaccinate Their Kids Against Sexually Transmitted Infections]]>
]]>Chronic Illness Does Not Equal Unhappiness]]>
]]>Routine HIV Screening Can Prolong Life at a Reasonable Cost]]>
]]>Missing Clinical Information Is Common During Primary Care Visits]]>
]]> Study Suggests History of Sun Exposure May Actually Increase Melanoma Survival Rates ]]>
]]>Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Women]]>
]]>Midlife Cardiovascular Risk Factors Predict Dementia Later On]]>
]]>The Quality of Fat in Your Diet May Be More Important for Your Heart Than the Quantity]]>
]]>Costs of Whole-Body CT Screens Far Outweigh the Benefits]]>
]]>Mandatory Parental Notification for Birth Control May Increase Risky Sexual Behavior by Teenagers]]>
]]>CPR: How Well Is It Actually Performed When It Matters?]]>
]]>Moderate Drinking May Reduce Cognitive Decline]]>
]]>Fruit and Vegetable Intake Not Linked to Breast Cancer]]>
]]>Current Trends in Alternative Medicine Use]]>
]]>How Do Physicians Respond When Religion and Medicine Conflict?]]>
]]>More Children With Autism or Better Identification of Cases?]]>
]]>Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone Diets: A Comparison]]>
]]>Direct Access to Emergency Contraception Increases Its Use, but Does Not Increase Risky Sexual Behaviors]]>

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