A risk factor increases your chances of developing cancer. Modifying the following risk factors may help reduce your risk of lung cancer.

Avoid Exposure to Cancer-causing Substances

Avoiding exposure to cancer-causing substances will decrease your risk of developing lung cancer. Suggestions include the following:

  • Don’t smoke. If you smoke, quit. Ask your doctor about programs to help you stop smoking, such as group support, hypnosis, and alternative nicotine delivery systems.
    • For more information on quitting smoking, ]]>click here]]> .
  • Avoid places where people are smoking:
    • Patronize restaurants, bars, and other public places that prohibit smoking.
    • In a restaurant where smoking is allowed, request a seat in the non-smoking section.
    • Request a non-smoking room when staying in a hotel.
    • Do not allow smoking in your home.
  • Avoid radon gases and asbestos:
    • Test your home for radon gases and asbestos.
    • If these substances are in your home, have them removed.
    • Do not work or live in places that contain asbestos.
    • If you have to work or live in the presence of these substances, contact the Environmental Protection Agency to see how you can protect yourself from radon gases and asbestos.