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June 10, 2008 - 7:30am
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Research News

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The field of cardiovascular medicine is rich with research, as scientists continue to unravel the mysteries of how this system functions and how to best promote strengthening and healing. HealthDay's news stories give you the facts on what's coming out of the labs and medical journals, while Journal Notes articles take a more critical look at how these findings apply to your life.

]]>Journal Notes: Smoking and Smoking Cessation in Relation to Mortality in Women]]>6/9/2008]]>Journal Notes: Combination of Medications for Cardiovascular Disease Does Not Reduce Mortality]]>5/5/2008]]>Journal Notes: Electrocardiogram Before ADHD Medication]]>5/5/2008]]>Journal Notes: Addition of Ezetimibe to Simvastatin Ineffective for Reducing Carotid Artery Blockage]]>2/11/2008HealthDay: Surgery Better Than Stents for Multiple Blockages1/23/2008HealthDay: Peripheral Arterial Disease Costlier to Treat Than Heart Trouble1/23/2008HealthDay: Another Study Links Western Diet to Heart, Health Risks1/22/2008HealthDay: U.S. Deaths Down From Heart Disease, Stroke1/22/2008HealthDay: High Blood Sugar Boosts Women's Heart Disease Risk1/21/2008HealthDay: Immune Therapy May Help Some Heart Failure Patients1/18/2008HealthDay: Smallest Air Pollution Particles Hurt Heart Most1/19/2008HealthDay: Aspirin Resistance Boosts Heart Risks in Cardiac Patients1/18/2008HealthDay: Cholesterol Drug Zetia Doesn't Cut Heart Attack Risk: Study1/14/2008HealthDay: Seven New Cholesterol Genes Discovered1/13/2008HealthDay: Biotechnology Builds a New Heart1/14/2008HealthDay: Priming Heart Before an Attack Could Limit Damage1/10/2008HealthDay: Anxiety Raises Heart Attack Risk1/8/2008HealthDay: High Levels of Stress After 9/11 Raised Heart Disease Risk1/7/2008HealthDay: Low Vitamin D Linked to Heart Risk1/7/2008HealthDay: Restless Legs Syndrome May Cause Heart Problems: Study1/1/2008]]>Journal Notes: Coronary Bypass Surgery Increases Freedom From Angina More Than Angioplasty]]>12/1/2007]]>Journal Notes: Study Confirms Hormone Replacement Therapy Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk]]>8/28/2007]]>Journal Notes: Diabetes Medication May Increase the Risk of Heart Attack]]>6/11/2007]]>Journal Notes: Updated Guidelines for the Prevention of Infective Endocarditis Restrict Antibiotics to People at Highest Risk]]>6/11/2007]]>Journal Notes: Surgery May Not Be Beneficial for People With Stable Heart Disease]]>5/31/2007]]>Journal Notes: Beta-blockers Don’t Prevent Complications of High Blood Pressure as Effectively as Other Medications]]>5/31/2007]]>Journal Notes: Treatment With Endarterectomy Is Safer Than Stenting for Severe Carotid Artery Stenosis]]>12/22/2006]]>Journal Notes: Screening Program May Decrease Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes]]>10/6/2006]]>Journal Notes: Menthol Cigarettes May Make Quitting Harder, but Are No More Harmful Than Non-menthol Cigarettes]]>9/27/2006]]>Journal Notes: Infusion of Bone Marrow Cells After a Heart Attack May Improve Heart Function]]>9/21/2006]]>Journal Notes: Study Identifies Risk Factors in Children With Heart Condition]]>9/14/2006]]>Journal Notes: Green Tea Consumption Associated With Reduced Risk of Death]]>9/14/2006]]>Journal Notes: Can Celebrex Help Prevent Colorectal Polyps?]]>8/31/2006HealthDay: Urban Exercise Has Its Hazards8/27/2006HealthDay: Mexican-Americans at Higher Risk for Second Stroke8/23/2006HealthDay: ADHD Drug to Get Stronger Warning8/22/2006HealthDay: Older Version of Anti-Clotting Drug Effective8/22/2006HealthDay: Insulin Resistance a Marker of Heart Risk for Teens8/21/2006HealthDay: Statins Protect Heart After Heart Attack8/21/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Know Your Blood Pressure8/21/2006HealthDay: Strokes May Follow 'Body Clock'8/18/2006HealthDay: Does Body-Mass Index Really Predict Heart Risk?8/17/2006HealthDay: Any Tobacco Use Raises Heart Attack Risk8/17/2006HealthDay: U.S. Stroke Bill Could Top $2.2 Trillion by 20508/16/2006HealthDay: Coffee Might Trigger First Heart Attack in Some8/15/2006HealthDay: Blacks, Hispanics Hospitalized More Often for Diabetes, Heart Disease8/15/2006HealthDay: Alternative Test Uncovers Hidden Risks for Kidney, Cardiovascular Disease8/14/2006HealthDay: Breast Cancer Patients Should Monitor Heart Risks8/14/2006HealthDay: ACE Inhibitors Good for Hardened Arteries8/11/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: 'Loner' Kids May Face Adult Heart Woes8/11/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: What's a Pulmonary Embolism?8/11/2006HealthDay: Pigeons Provide Clues to Post-Op Artery Re-Closure8/10/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Treating Atrial Fibrillation8/10/2006HealthDay: Statin Drugs Cut Risk of Recurrent Stroke8/9/2006HealthDay: External Defibrillator Warnings Not Adequate8/8/2006HealthDay: Poor Heart Health Raises Bariatric Surgery Risk8/8/2006HealthDay: Just a Little High-Saturated Fat Can Be Hard on the Arteries8/8/2006HealthDay: Just a Little High-Saturated Fat Can Be Hard on the Arteries8/8/2006HealthDay: Lowering Blood Pressure Can Stop or Reverse Heart Disease8/7/2006HealthDay: Spotting Kidney Disease Helps Heart Patients8/7/2006HealthDay: New Guidelines Out on Use of Anti-Clotting Therapy8/4/2006HealthDay: Gene Variants Found to Raise Stroke Risk in Younger Women8/4/2006HealthDay: Guidelines Suggest When Resuscitation Works for Cardiac Arrest8/2/2006HealthDay: Extreme Exercise Can Slow the Heart8/2/2006HealthDay: New Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Hereditary Heart Conditions7/31/2006HealthDay: Diet and Exercise: The Real Fountains of Youth7/28/2006HealthDay: Men at Higher Risk of Recurrent Blood Clots7/27/2006HealthDay: Heart Attacks Often Go Unrecognized7/27/2006HealthDay: Paralyzed Patients Can Need Heart Pacing Help7/26/2006HealthDay: High-Tech CT Useful in Spotting Heart Disease7/25/2006HealthDay: New Test Identifies Blood Clot Risk7/25/2006HealthDay: High-Tech CT Useful in Spotting Heart Disease7/24/2006HealthDay: New Test Identifies Blood Clot Risk7/24/2006HealthDay: Light Drinking Cuts Risk for Death, Heart Attack7/24/2006HealthDay: Study Reveals How Fish Oils Help the Heart7/24/2006HealthDay: Head Online for Advice on Heart Attack7/22/2006HealthDay: Suction Technique Improves Arterial Surgery7/21/2006HealthDay: Kids Need More Exercise to Stave Off Future Heart Trouble7/20/2006HealthDay: Subtle, Deadly Form of Heart Failure on the Rise7/19/2006HealthDay: Impotence Can Foreshadow Coronary Artery Disease7/19/2006HealthDay: Exercise Works Wonders in Middle Age7/19/2006HealthDay: Age No Barrier to Heart Valve Surgery7/17/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: How to Check Your Blood Sugar7/17/2006HealthDay: Surgery a Lifesaver When Aortic Dissection Strikes7/14/2006HealthDay: Surgery a Lifesaver When Aortic Dissection Strikes7/14/2006HealthDay: High Humidity May Be Linked to Heart-Attack Risk7/13/2006HealthDay: Living Alone Boosts Heart Risk7/13/2006HealthDay: Eyes May Provide Window on Heart Risk7/13/2006HealthDay: Study Supports Screening Babies for Heart-Rhythm Defect7/13/2006HealthDay: Heart Failure in Parents a Risk Factor for Children7/12/2006HealthDay: Raloxifene Doesn't Raise Heart Disease Risk7/12/2006HealthDay: Any Level of Physical Activity Helps Prolong Life7/11/2006HealthDay: New Markers Won't Help Docs Assess Heart Risks7/10/2006HealthDay: Experts: Screen Most Older Adults to Prevent Heart Attacks7/10/2006HealthDay: New Method Gauges Anxiety Linked to Implanted Defibrillators7/10/2006HealthDay: Enron Founder's Death Linked to Heart Disease7/6/2006HealthDay: Brain-Wasting Proteins May Affect Heart7/6/2006HealthDay: Hospital Ratings Don't Fully Reflect Patient Outcomes7/5/2006HealthDay: Daily Activity Helps Fight PAD7/5/2006HealthDay: Women's Health Risks Rise Along With Weight7/5/2006HealthDay: New Drug Helps Smokers Quit and Stay Quit7/4/2006HealthDay: Five Steps Help Men Live Longer7/4/2006HealthDay: New Guide May Help Lower Blood Pressure7/3/2006HealthDay: Diabetes Brings Earlier Heart Disease, Death6/29/2006HealthDay: Take Your Medicines, Save Your Life6/29/2006HealthDay: Magnetic Therapy May Help Stroke Recovery6/29/2006HealthDay: Two Technologies Together Spot Clogged Vessels6/29/2006HealthDay: Two Technologies Together Spot Clogged Vessels6/29/2006HealthDay: Study Identifies Kidney Trouble as Heart Risk6/28/2006HealthDay: Secondhand Smoke a Threat to All, Surgeon General Warns6/27/2006HealthDay: Nighttime Blood Pressure Linked to Heart Failure6/27/2006HealthDay: Journal Corrects Vioxx Article to Reflect Short-Term Heart Risk6/26/2006HealthDay: Low-Fat Dairy Products May Fight High Blood Pressure6/26/2006HealthDay: Women's Heart Care Varies Widely By Hospital6/26/2006HealthDay: Generic Versions of Zocor Approved6/23/2006HealthDay: Blood Pressure Woes Start Earlier Than You Think6/23/2006HealthDay: Late-Life Job Loss Raises Heart Attack Risk6/21/2006HealthDay: Heart Drugs May Help Shield Brain Cells From Stroke6/20/2006HealthDay: Pricey Heart Procedure Best for Younger Patients6/20/2006HealthDay: New Heart Guidelines Add Exercise to Healthy Diet6/19/2006HealthDay: NSAIDs Pose Death Risk for Heart-Attack Patients6/19/2006HealthDay: Veggies Do a Heart Good6/19/2006HealthDay: Experts Draft New Valvular Heart Disease Guidelines6/16/2006HealthDay: Gum Disease Can Harm Much More Than Your Teeth6/15/2006HealthDay: Protein Linked to Insulin Resistance in Humans6/14/2006HealthDay: Salt Initiative Backed by Health Professionals6/14/2006HealthDay: Chant 'Om' for Better Heart Health6/13/2006HealthDay: Jury Still Out on Best Delivery of CPR6/13/2006HealthDay: Fish Oil Won't Fix Abnormal Heart Rhythms: Study6/13/2006HealthDay: High Blood Sugar Can Be Deadly After Heart Attack6/13/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Calf Pain Could Signal Cardiovascular Trouble6/12/2006HealthDay: Medication Use Crucial After Stent Placement6/12/2006HealthDay: Defibrillator Recipients Face Increased Heart-Failure Risk6/12/2006HealthDay: Many Doctors Aren't Treating Diabetes Aggressively Enough6/10/2006HealthDay: Apples May Be Heart-Healthy6/9/2006HealthDay: Aspirin-Plavix Combo Disappoints in Heart Arrhythmia Trial6/9/2006HealthDay: DVT Can be a Complication of Surgery6/9/2006HealthDay: Stroke Patients' Family Caregivers Need More Support6/9/2006HealthDay: Heart Patients Need More Fitness Follow-Up6/6/2006HealthDay: Health Highlights: Scios to Conduct Safety Review of Heart Drug Natrecor, Clot-Busting Drug Helps Revive Cardiac-Arrest Patients6/2/2006HealthDay: Enlarged Heart Not Always a Sign of Trouble6/2/2006HealthDay: Non-Cox-2 Painkillers May Also Carry Heart Risks6/2/2006HealthDay: Mild Heart Disorder Raises Stroke Risk6/1/2006HealthDay: Expert Advice on Heart Attack Now Online6/1/2006HealthDay: High Doses of Statins Carry Dangers, Swedish Report Says6/1/2006HealthDay: Genes Help Gum-Disease Germ Harm Arteries5/24/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Keep Your Arteries Healthy5/23/2006HealthDay: Air Pollution Boosts Death Rates5/22/2006HealthDay: Common Painkillers Linked to Increased Admissions for Heart Failure5/22/2006HealthDay: Company Data Suggests Vioxx Risks Emerge Earlier5/18/2006HealthDay: Safety of External Defibrillators Examined5/18/2006HealthDay: Adding Drug to Aspirin May Better Prevent Second Stroke5/18/2006HealthDay: Fish Consumption Linked to Heart Abnormality5/18/2006HealthDay: Studies Gauge Safety of Replacing Implanted Defibrillators5/18/2006HealthDay: Spirituality May Help Lower Blood Pressure5/18/2006HealthDay: Cooling Brain Improves Cardiac Arrest Outcomes5/18/2006HealthDay: Hispanics Less Likely to Get Bystander CPR5/18/2006HealthDay: For-Profit Funding May Bias Clinical Trials5/18/2006HealthDay: New Once-a-Day Blood Pressure Drug Effective5/17/2006HealthDay: Elderly Brains Benefit From Stable Blood Pressure5/17/2006HealthDay: U.S. Experts Issue New Heart Disease Treatment Guidelines5/15/2006HealthDay: Problems With Implantable Heart Devices Need More Public Airing5/15/2006HealthDay: Adult Heart Pumps Help Kids Waiting for Transplant5/15/2006HealthDay: Walking Test Helps Predict Lifespan5/15/2006HealthDay: New Drug Helps Smokers Quit5/11/2006HealthDay: EMS Stroke Response Good in Poor Neighborhoods5/11/2006HealthDay: Statin Drugs Help Heart Patients Survive5/11/2006HealthDay: Experts Point to Best Centers for Heart Attack Care5/10/2006HealthDay: Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Might Help Eyes5/10/2006HealthDay: Researchers Discover Why Grapefruit Juice Interacts With Drugs5/9/2006HealthDay: Ultrasound Can Help Predict Heart Attack Risk5/8/2006HealthDay: Corticosteroid Drugs May Boost Cardiac Arrhythmia Risk5/8/2006HealthDay: Heart Drug Side Effects More Common in Minority Patients5/5/2006HealthDay: Experts Issue New Stroke-Prevention Guidelines5/5/2006HealthDay: Stents Boost Walking Ability for Patients With Blocked Leg Arteries5/3/2006HealthDay: Cheaper Diuretics Best Bet for Preventing Heart Failure5/3/2006HealthDay: Surprising Report on Statins Won't Deter Doctors From Using Them5/2/2006HealthDay: New Method Gauges Blood Needed for Bypass Surgery5/2/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: If Your Blood Pressure is Even a Little High5/2/2006HealthDay: Type 2 Diabetes Rising Among U.S. Adolescents5/1/2006HealthDay: The Brain: Waste Not, Want Not4/30/2006HealthDay: Relaxation Gives Truer Blood Pressure Reading4/30/2006HealthDay: Treatment Team Lowers Heart Risk for Obese Patients4/28/2006HealthDay: Moms Most Likely to Pass Heart Disease on to Kids4/28/2006HealthDay: Blood Clots From Heart Associated With Dementia4/28/2006HealthDay: Heart Attacks Are Biggest Threat to U.S. Firefighters4/27/2006HealthDay: New Guidelines Recommended for Implanted Heart Devices4/26/2006HealthDay: Free Guidebooks Make for Heart-Healthy Reading4/26/2006HealthDay: Pacemaker, Defibrillator Reliability Can Be Improved4/25/2006HealthDay: Many FDA Experts Have Drug Industry Ties4/25/2006HealthDay: Younger Women Prone to Depression After Heart Attack4/25/2006HealthDay: Heavy Coffee Drinking Doesn't Hurt the Heart4/24/2006HealthDay: Drug May Fight Metabolic Syndrome4/24/2006HealthDay: Triple Drug Regimen Can Reduce Stroke Damage4/24/2006HealthDay: Genes May Tie Smoking, Drinking4/24/2006HealthDay: Gene Protects Against Diabetes, Heart Disease4/21/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Begin an exercise program4/20/2006HealthDay: Half of older diabetics go without key heart drugs4/18/2006HealthDay: Education level linked to heart disease: Study4/18/2006HealthDay: Can frequent infections damage a child's heart?4/13/2006HealthDay: Kidney stone shock wave treatment boosts diabetes, hypertension risk4/12/2006HealthDay: Blood pressure drugs help prevent stroke, heart attack4/11/2006HealthDay: High cholesterol linked to prostate cancer4/11/2006HealthDay: Standard test misses heart disease signs in women4/10/2006HealthDay: Study probes pulled drug's anti-cholesterol action4/10/2006HealthDay: Stroke may trigger memory trouble4/10/2006HealthDay: Stem cells could boost stroke recovery4/8/2006HealthDay: Spirituality can soothe body and soul4/7/2006HealthDay: Vascular 'microparticles' may help spur disease4/7/2006HealthDay: Calcium may lessen stroke's toll4/6/2006HealthDay: Blood pressure drugs help older minds stay young4/6/2006HealthDay: Antihypertensive drug could treat inherited heart disorder4/6/2006HealthDay: Cinnamon, cloves may spice up health4/5/2006HealthDay: Multiple lifestyle changes help lower blood pressure4/3/2006HealthDay: Many women still misinformed about heart disease3/31/2006HealthDay: Immune suppressing drug prevents heart transplant rejection3/31/2006HealthDay: Too many ignore symptoms of mini-stroke3/30/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Internet recipes good for the heart3/28/2006HealthDay: Loneliness boosts blood pressure in older adults3/28/2006HealthDay: Diet rich in magnesium good for health3/27/2006HealthDay: New cholesterol drug fails human trial3/22/2006HealthDay: Exercise no threat to a woman's heart3/21/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Heart attack or indigestion?3/20/2006HealthDay: Eat cholesterol-lowering foods in combination: study3/18/2006HealthDay: Foods fortified with folic acid may cut stroke risk3/16/2006HealthDay: Test to predict heart-attack risk underused3/14/2006HealthDay: Blood pressure drugs keep hypertension in check3/14/2006HealthDay: Anti-clotting drugs may improve heart attack care3/14/2006HealthDay: Lumbee Indian tribe at raised heart risk3/13/2006HealthDay: Pregnancy complications may signal long-term heart trouble3/13/2006HealthDay: A better blood test for heart disease?3/13/2006HealthDay: Women, minorities less likely to get best heart attack care3/13/2006HealthDay: Aggressive statin therapy may reverse atherosclerosis3/13/2006HealthDay: Folic acid supplements won't lower heart-attack risk3/13/2006HealthDay: Blood-pressure drugs may lower Alzheimer's risk3/13/2006HealthDay: Doctors rethinking aspirin-plavix combination3/13/2006HealthDay: Drug-coated stents beat radiation at reopening arteries3/12/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Aspirin therapy isn't for everyone3/9/2006HealthDay: Blood pressure dropping globally3/9/2006HealthDay: Studies highlight problems with anti-clotting drug3/9/2006HealthDay: Aspirin therapy benefits more people than thought3/7/2006HealthDay: Genes may dictate caffeine's dangers3/7/2006HealthDay: Air pollution ups hospitalizations in seniors3/7/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: Keep your cholesterol down3/6/2006HealthDay: Safer neighborhoods are fitter neighborhoods3/5/2006HealthDay: Antidepressants boost heart patients' death risk3/5/2006HealthDay: Health Tip: a broken heart can make you sick3/3/2006HealthDay: Diabetes may roll back victories over heart disease3/3/2006HealthDay: Combat stress boosts heart disease risk3/3/2006HealthDay: Hard marriages can harden arteries3/3/2006HealthDay: Hispanics benefit from cholesterol-lowering statins3/2/2006HealthDay: Noni juice might lower smokers' cholesterol3/2/2006HealthDay: Restraint therapy improves function for stroke patients3/2/2006HealthDay: Radiowave technique steadies abnormal heartbeats3/1/2006]]>Journal Notes: Accutane Treatment for Acne Increases Risk of Abnormal Blood Test Results]]>8/24/2006]]>Journal Notes: New Drug Helps Smokers Quit, Without Cravings]]>8/18/2006]]>Journal Notes: A Low Glycemic Load Diet Leads to Greater Weight Loss and Lower Risk of Heart Disease]]>7/27/2006]]>Journal Notes: Tamoxifen Therapy for Breast Cancer Prevention Is Expensive and Ineffective for Most High-risk Women]]>7/27/2006]]>Journal Notes: Light to Moderate Alcohol Consumption Improves Lifespan and Heart Health, but Not by Reducing Inflammation]]>7/20/2006]]>Journal Notes: Living Alone Increases the Risk of Serious Heart Disease]]>7/20/2006]]>Journal Notes: Combination of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Reduces Risk of Stroke in Women]]>7/13/2006]]>Journal Notes: Study Investigates the Health Benefits and Risks of Raloxifene]]>7/13/2006]]>Journal Notes: Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes]]>6/29/2006]]>Journal Notes: Transcendental Meditation Reduces Risk Factors for Heart Disease]]>6/15/2006]]>Journal Notes: Metabolic syndrome increases a man’s risk for heart failure]]>5/25/2006]]>Journal Notes: Study suggests nutritional supplement, policosanol, does not improve cholesterol levels]]>5/19/2006]]>Journal Notes: Compliance with treatment guidelines for suspected heart attacks saves lives]]>4/28/2006]]>Journal Notes: Studies Evaluate Reliability of Pacemakers and Implantable Defibrillators]]>4/28/2006]]>Journal Notes: For people with heart disease, ACE inhibitors reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, and death]]>4/14/2006]]>Journal Notes: New study examines effects of prayer in heart surgery patients]]>4/6/2006]]>Journal Notes: Lifestyle changes can reduce blood pressure for up to 18 months]]>4/6/2006]]>Journal Notes: Lifelong low LDL cholesterol levels reduce the risk of heart disease]]>3/22/2006]]>Journal Notes: Early treatment of elevated blood pressure may help prevent full-blown hypertension]]>3/16/2006]]>Journal Notes: Optimistic outlook decreases risk of cardiovascular death in older men]]>3/2/2006]]>Journal Notes: Procedure may correct irregular heart rhythms]]>3/2/2006]]>Journal Notes: Reducing total fat intake may not prevent cardiovascular disease]]>2/9/2006]]>Journal Notes: To decrease your risk of stroke, eat more fruits and vegetables]]>2/2/2006]]>Journal Notes: Men and women receive significant, but different, benefits from aspirin]]>1/20/2006]]>Journal Notes: Obesity may increase risk of hospitalization and death later in life]]>1/12/2006]]>Journal Notes: Low-fat diets are not associated with weight gain]]>1/5/2006]]>Journal Notes: Intensive treatment for type 1 diabetes cuts cardiovascular risk]]>12/21/2005]]>Journal Notes: Depressed heart disease patients more likely to skip medications and have higher stress hormone levels]]>12/2/2005]]>Journal Notes: Weight-loss medication in combination with lifestyle modification shows better results]]>11/17/2005]]>Journal Notes: Experimental weight loss drug shows promise in people who have cholesterol problems]]>11/17/2005]]>Journal Notes: Incorporating more protein or unsaturated fats into your diet may help reduce cardiovascular risk]]>11/17/2005]]>Journal Notes: Waist-to-hip ratio best measure of obesity-related heart attack risk]]>11/11/2005]]>Journal Notes: Caffeine consumption does not increase risk of hypertension]]>11/11/2005]]>Journal Notes: Does retiring earlier extend your lifespan?]]>10/27/2005]]>Journal Notes: Justice at work associated with reduced risk of coronary heart disease]]>10/27/2005]]>Journal Notes: Moderate alcohol consumption may affect blood’s ability to clot]]>10/14/2005]]>Journal Notes: Study suggests most Americans are or will become overweight]]>10/7/2005]]>Journal Notes: Homeopathic remedies are no more effective than placebos]]>9/2/2005]]>Journal Notes: Patients who trust their doctors are more likely to take their medications, even when costs are high]]>8/12/2005]]>Journal Notes: Blood pressure control lacking in people over 80]]>7/28/2005]]>Journal Notes: Vitamin E does not appear to prevent heart disease or cancer in healthy women]]>7/8/2005]]>Journal Notes: Physicians find annual exams valuable despite lack of evidence]]>6/30/2005]]>Journal Notes: Noninvasive imaging test identifies blocked blood vessels as well as invasive coronary angiography]]>5/27/2005]]>Journal Notes: Heart-rate profile as indicator of sudden death]]>5/16/2005]]>Journal Notes: Low-fat dairy intake linked to lower risk of type 2 diabetes in men]]>5/16/2005]]>Journal Notes: Few Americans report behaviors of a healthy lifestyle]]>4/29/2005]]>Journal Notes: Antibiotic treatment does not reduce risk of coronary events]]>4/27/2005]]>Journal Notes: Larger waistlines linked to insulin resistance]]>4/22/2005]]>Journal Notes: Aspirin as primary prevention for cardiovascular disease in women]]>4/1/2005]]>Journal Notes: Aspirin appears as effective as warfarin in preventing certain types of stroke]]>3/31/2005]]>Journal Notes: Does vitamin E supplementation provide a benefit?]]>3/18/2005]]>Journal Notes: Effectiveness of a low-carbohydrate diet for obese individuals with type 2 diabetes]]>3/18/2005]]>Journal Notes: Obesity could lead to decline in life expectancy]]>3/18/2005]]>Journal Notes: News from the Women’s Health Study: aspirin can reduce the risk of stroke, but not heart attack]]>3/11/2005]]>Journal Notes: No time to lose in treating warning signs of stroke]]>3/10/2005]]>Journal Notes: Celebrex increases risk of death from cardiovascular disease]]>2/25/2005]]>Journal Notes: The effects of a smoking cessation intervention 15 years later]]>2/24/2005]]>Journal Notes: Cardiovascular disease prevention in women]]>2/3/2005]]>Journal Notes: Midlife cardiovascular risk factors predict dementia later on]]>1/28/2005]]>Journal Notes: The quality of fat in your diet may be more important for your heart than the quantity]]>1/28/2005]]>Journal Notes: Costs of whole-body CT screens far outweigh the benefits]]>1/28/2005]]>Journal Notes: CPR: how well is it actually performed when it matters?]]>1/20/2005]]>Journal Notes: Moderate drinking may reduce cognitive decline]]>1/20/2005]]>Journal Notes: Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and Zone diets: a comparison]]>1/7/2005]]>Journal Notes: Increasing physical activity as you age linked with less cognitive decline]]>12/30/2004]]>Journal Notes: The Polymeal: reducing cardiovascular disease by eating]]>12/22/2004]]>Journal Notes: Control of high blood pressure may be key to treatment of mixed dementia]]>12/17/2004]]>Journal Notes: Use of defribillators after acute myocardial infarction: Who is it right for?]]>12/9/2004]]>Journal Notes: Risk of cardiovascular events and Vioxx®: cumulative meta-analysis]]>11/11/2004]]>Journal Notes: High doses of vitamin E may increase risk of death]]>11/11/2004]]>Journal Notes: Eating more fruits and vegetables may lower risk of heart disease, not cancer]]>11/4/2004]]>Journal Notes: Prehypertension leads to increased hospitalization and early death]]>10/29/2004]]>Journal Notes: Older patients and those with altered mental status more likely to die in hospital after treatment for stroke]]>10/22/2004]]>Journal Notes: Sitting in traffic ups risk of heart attack]]>10/22/2004]]>Journal Notes: Bariatric surgery leads to effective weight loss and improvement of related health problems]]>10/15/2004]]>Journal Notes: Young women with fewer cardiovascular risk factors less likely to die of cardiovascular disease as they age]]>10/7/2004]]>Journal Notes: Mediterranean diet and healthy lifestyle extend life]]>9/24/2004]]>Journal Notes: Physical activity, including walking, as a way to delay cognitive decline]]>9/24/2004]]>Journal Notes: New evidence suggests better blood sugar control may reduce cardiovascular disease risk]]>9/24/2004]]>Journal Notes: Study finds physical fitness level is more predictive of heart disease in women than obesity and overweight]]>9/10/2004]]>Journal Notes: An artificial heart as a bridge to heart transplantation]]>8/27/2004]]>Journal Notes: New study examines the use of statins in people with type 2 diabetes]]>8/27/2004]]>Journal Notes: The link between Alzheimer’s disease and occupational history]]>8/13/2004]]>Journal Notes: A heart attack without chest pain may be more fatal than one with chest pain]]>8/13/2004]]>Journal Notes: Public use of defibrillators for cardiac arrest saves more lives than CPR alone]]>8/13/2004]]>Journal Notes: Vitamin E and cardiovascular disease]]>7/30/2004]]>Journal Notes: People with high blood pressure often have high cholesterol, too]]>7/1/2004]]>Journal Notes: Liposuction: merely cosmetic relief]]>6/17/2004]]>Journal Notes: Study finds monitoring blood pressure at home may improve control]]>6/17/2004]]>Journal Notes: High copayments may dissuade people from taking their cholesterol medications]]>6/10/2004]]>Journal Notes: Low carb diets: a viable option for weight loss]]>5/20/2004]]>Journal Notes: Exercising after menopause improves bone density]]>5/26/2004]]>Journal Notes: Blood pressure levels are increasing among children and adolescents]]>5/6/2004]]>Journal Notes: Off-pump vs conventional coronary artery bypass]]>4/23/2004]]>Journal Notes: Lack of a close confidant increases the risk for cardiac events after a heart attack]]>4/23/2004]]>Journal Notes: New study reports effects of estrogen-alone hormone replacement therapy]]>4/15/2004]]>Journal Notes: Home blood pressure testing: more accurate than in-office testing]]>3/19/2004]]>Journal Notes: Deaths attributed to obesity are on the rise]]>3/12/2004]]>Journal Notes: LDL cholesterol levels: how low should they go?]]>3/12/2004]]>Journal Notes: Can taking high doses of certain vitamins reduce the risk of stroke?]]>2/6/2004]]>Journal Notes: Ephedra and caffeine: a dangerous combination]]>1/16/2004]]>Journal Notes: Study finds genetic link to atherosclerosis]]>1/2/2004]]>Journal Notes: Off-pump coronary artery bypass: equally safe but less effective in the long term?]]>1/2/2004]]>Journal Notes: Fitness helps protect young adults from developing cardiovascular risk factors]]>12//2003]]>Journal Notes: Economy class syndrome: do long flights increase your risk for blood clots?]]>12//2003]]>Journal Notes: Study links high stress with Alzheimer’s disease]]>12//2003]]>Journal Notes: Can an MRI predict future memory loss?]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: The role of gender in mortality rates after heart attack]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: Antioxidant-rich diet may reduce the risk of stroke in smokers]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: Risk factors in childhood may predict cardiovascular disease in adulthood]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: New study finds genetic link to cardiovascular disease]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: Heart attack: women’s early warning symptoms are different than men’s]]>11//2003]]>Journal Notes: Undetected cardiovascular disease may predict success of aging]]>10//2003]]>Journal Notes: Certain features of type A personality linked with high blood pressure]]>10//2003]]>Journal Notes: Community intervention benefits stroke patients]]>10//2003]]>Journal Notes: Exercise testing may help predict cardiovascular disease risk in asymptomatic women]]>9//2003]]>Journal Notes: Exercise and weight loss effective in treating syndrome X]]>9//2003]]>Journal Notes: Depression appears to be a risk factor for death after coronary artery bypass surgery]]>8//2003]]>Journal Notes: Most people with heart disease have at least one major risk factor]]>8//2003]]>Journal Notes: Popular herbal supplement does not appear to improve cholesterol levels]]>8//2003]]>Journal Notes: More studies show that hormone replacement therapy does not protect your heart]]>8//2003]]>Journal Notes: Mortality rates for pulmonary thromboembolism show significant decrease over the past two decades]]>7//2003]]>Journal Notes: Ancestral diet may be as good as statins for reducing cholesterol levels]]>7//2003]]>Journal Notes: Study confirms oral contraceptive use is not harmful, but smoking is]]>7//2003]]>Journal Notes: Heart and soul: improving the health status of patients with coronary artery disease should include a focus on depression]]>7//2003]]>Journal Notes: Theoretical pill could dramatically reduce cardiovascular disease]]>7//2003]]>Journal Notes: Adherence to Mediterranean diet associated with increased longevity]]>6//2003]]>Journal Notes: Antioxidant vitamins and the prevention of cardiovascular disease]]>6//2003]]>Journal Notes: Heart scanning test for cardiovascular risk does not motivate patients to change health behaviors]]>5//2003]]>Journal Notes: New hypertension guidelines]]>5//2003]]>Journal Notes: Implementing multiple lifestyle changes effectively lowers blood pressure]]>4//2003]]>Journal Notes: Moderate alcohol consumption may stave off dementia]]>3//2003]]>Journal Notes: Ephedra linked with heart, psychiatric, and gastrointestinal problems]]>3//2003]]>Journal Notes: Metabolic syndrome increases risk of cardiovascular and all-cause death]]>12//2002]]>Journal Notes: Study results strengthen evidence that homocysteine contributes to cardiovascular disease]]>12//2002]]>Journal Notes: Heart imaging procedure helps physicians evaluate patients suspected of having a heart attack]]>12//2002]]>Journal Notes: Mercury in fish: does it affect heart health?]]>11//2002]]>Journal Notes: Is there an "optimal" diet for preventing heart disease?]]>11//2002]]>Journal Notes: More questions raised about HRT and antioxidant supplements for women's heart health]]>11//2002]]>Journal Notes: C-reactive protein: a new screening test for cardiovascular disease?]]>11//2002]]>Journal Notes: Beta-blockers extend life years after heart attack]]>10//2002]]>Journal Notes: New insight into physical activity and heart health]]>10//2002]]>Journal Notes: Work stress may increase risk of dying from heart disease and stroke]]>10//2002]]>Journal Notes: Study finds defibrillators at the airport save lives]]>10//2002]]>Journal Notes: Low-dose warfarin: a new standard of therapy for patients at risk for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism]]>2//2003]]>Journal Notes: Higher perceived intensity of exercise linked to lower risk of coronary heart disease]]>2//2003]]>Journal Notes: Endothelial progenitor cells tied to cardiovascular disease risk]]>2//2003]]>Journal Notes: Light to moderate alcohol consumption reduces risk of stroke]]>2//2003]]>Journal Notes: Off-pump CABG surgery equally effective but less expensive than on-pump surgery]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Can sleep habits affect heart health?]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Food portion sizes increasing in the United States]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Heart disease is undertreated in women]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Frequent (but moderate) drinking reduces heart disease]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Task force recommends dietary counseling for high-risk adults]]>1//2003]]>Journal Notes: Study finds diuretics better than newer medicines in treating hypertension]]>12//2002]]>Journal Notes: Blood pressure even more strongly associated with cardiovascular mortality than previously believed]]>12//2002

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