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Alysia Korelc: Anger Management for Children

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Every time there's another news report about a child shooting another, a teen gunman's rampage at a school, or a child deliberately harming another out of rage, it makes me wonder what made these kids so mad at the world and what did their parents know - or deny - about their anger. What concerns me most is that, these days, angry behavior seems to go unchecked because authority figures, particularly in schools, and even parents, are restricted by law or threat of lawsuit in what corrective actions might be taken.

But, teaching your children how to deal with anger and frustration has to start early on. While young children wielding guns is the extreme, we parents are all familiar with the good ol' temper tantrum. However, what do you do when the child never seems to grow out of tantrums and exhibits lack of control over anger into young adulthood, and ultimately adulthood? How do you teach your children anger management at an early age?

This is what Dr. Christopherson wrote for the Pediatric Advisor: Anger Management: Teaching Children How to Deal with Their Anger http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/pa/pa_ang...