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Are Hotties the Happiest People?

By HERWriter
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Appearance and looks are important, no one can deny that. For example, women try to improve their beauty by wearing flattering and even flashy outfits and by covering themselves with makeup.

Those deemed the most attractive tend to have more people interested in them and tend to attract more friends than the average joe. All in all, are attractive people more happy? Some might say no, but one study suggests that there's a psychological advantage for attractive people.

According to this study from the University of Georgia and the University of Kansas, “attractive people do tend to have more social relationships and therefore an increased sense of psychological well-being,”

However, this fact of attraction does not happen everywhere, according to the study. Those living in rural areas don’t care as much about attraction and will generally want to be friends with those in nearby areas. Those who are attractive in these areas do not generally have more friends or feel better based on that physical aspect.

In urban areas, there seems to be more of a focus on attractiveness, according to the study. Since there are many people in cities, more people tend to flock to those who are attractive. Therefore, attractive people tend to have more friends and feel better about themselves.

Though this sounds a bit depressing, one of the researchers, Victoria Plaut, tries to diminish this harsh aspect of the study. “The importance of attractiveness varies with certain sociocultural environments," she said. If you think about it, urban environments are actually a relatively recent addition to human life."

It’s understandable that appearance are an important factor in a potential partner especially when it comes to intimacy and life-long relationships. However, I think that friendships shouldn’t be defined by good or bad looks. More important factors like personality, intelligence, morals, values and generosity should be taken into consideration.


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I have to agree with a lot of what both of you said. Attractive people do have a lot going for them. But I wonder if, even if they had a bit of an easier time as they grew up, if they have a harder time as they grow older. Looks are something we're by and large born with. We can do things to enhance our looks, but we do change as we get older. Someone whose looks were super-important to them or played a large part in their success may struggle as they later gain weight after having children, get wrinkles/laugh lines around their eyes, and see more than a strand of gray creeping into their hair. Our society favors the young, the pretty and the thin, but I think it's just as hard sometimes to be the young-pretty-thin type if you don't have other things going for you as well. Especially when the young part starts fading a bit!

January 27, 2010 - 12:01pm

Hmm... Attractive people certainly have more than one advantage-- they may have a lot of friends, can use their looks as a weapon, are likely to get complimented daily, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side. There are plenty of "good-looking" people who would say they have friends that are really enemies, self-esteem issues because they don't handle rejection or lack of praise well, and the list goes on.

I would venture to say that a person with confidence is happier than the person with good looks. Good looks don't always equal happiness but confidence is certainly a winner.

January 26, 2010 - 8:33am
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