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Childhood Psychological Disorder: How Can Parent’s Pursue A Natural Approach To Treatment? - Dr. Shannon

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Dr. Shannon explains how you can advocate for a natural approach to treating your child’s psychological disorder.

Dr. Shannon:
So the first thing I would say, if possible, you can try to find an integrative or holistic psychiatrist. Unfortunately there’s not very many around the country.

So the next step might be to find a holistic or integrative physician who could work with your child, perhaps a naturopath, someone that’s really experienced with nutrition and more natural approaches to treating illness.

So there are many different options out there. You can go to holisticmedicine.org or holisticboard.org and look for holistic physicians in your region.

The University of Arizona has trained a large number of integrative physicians and they have a Web site through the University of Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine.

So I think there’s many options for parents out there and if you have a strong preference for natural approaches there are some very good options and I think we have a wide variety of tools to help your child.

About Dr. Scott Shannon, M.D.:
Dr. Scott Shannon, M.D., graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Following a psychiatric internship he worked for four years in rural Arizona as a general practitioner. Dr. Shannon then completed a psychiatric residency at a Columbia program in New York. After his child psychiatry fellowship at the University of New Mexico he moved to Colorado. His practice includes a wide variety of approaches including herbs, supplements, medications, nutrition, and acupuncture. Dr. Shannon served as the Principle Investigator on a recent research grant exploring the value of acupuncture in the nausea of chemotherapy.

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