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Colors and Us

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Pink has been my favorite color ever since I came to know myself. It seems that all girls like pink regardless of their color of choice. Somehow this color suits most women no matter what their physical appearance. It is such a popular color that commercial sectors started advertising pink as a woman's color a long time ago and it went on first to Avon, then Mary Kay, then Barbie, all the way to Victoria's Secret. It came to a point where we started using pink as the symbol for girls automatically whether it be in hospitals to announce the birth of a female child or baby showers and Valentine's day. And I loved those pink Cadillacs that the Mary Kay women drove back in the eighties.

In 1666, Isaac Newton discovered that each color is made up of a single wave length and when white light passes through a prism it separates into visible colors.

Each color could be combined with others to create another specific color such as red+yellow = orange. This combination of colors that results in another color is called a "metamer". Most of the colors when combined produce a different color except for yellow and purple. When mixed together they cancel each other out resulting in white. These colors are called complementary to one another.

The basic colors of the spectrum include red, blue, yellow and green where black is the combination of any warm colors. Colors have a direct effect on our mood swings and feelings. White makes us feel calmer and at peace while black makes us feel dark and powerful or evil. There are any number of emotions that are linked to any number of color combinations that affect our health and general well being. Each color that a person chooses expresses his or her personality and character.

In the spectrum of the colors red, orange, brown, and yellow are considered as warm colors while cool areas are indicated with blue, purple, and green. Warm areas usually represent feelings of warmth, comfort, anger, hostility, and liveliness whereas cool areas show calm, sadness, and moodiness, among others. Below are some of the colors and their representation of our moods and emotions:

gray : depression, anxiety

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