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Developmental Delays: What Advice Would You Offer A Mother Who Believes Her Child Has A Delay?

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Michelle Turner shares advice for women who believe their child has a developmental delay.

If your child is under 2.9 years generally what you would do is you would call early intervention.

Now sometimes you are named different things and different states but it’s usually pretty much early intervention.

It’s a free service. You would call, someone, in most cases, would come to your house and evaluate your child for services.

And this would include speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, it could be hearing, it could be vision, depending on your child’s needs. A sort of a menu be given of what they feel your child might need.

When you are calling early intervention don’t delay on calling. You want to get pretty aggressive. People don’t realize that different healthcare practitioners aren’t waiting for you to show up. It’s a very busy and very competitive field.

So by the time you get evaluated and then think about possibly, let’s say needing speech therapy, could almost be six months down the road.

So you want to call, if someone says they have concerns, call right away. Do what’s in the best interest of your child so you feel that you are empowering yourself by doing something to help your child and finding out solutions much earlier versus waiting.

About Michelle M. Turner:
Michelle M. Turner is a Movement Specialist and Educator. She works with her patient’s skeletal system and central nervous system creating new movement and specializes in the Anat Baniel Method. The Anat Baniel Method has been proven to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve cognitive functions and communication skills. Michelle earned her BFA from Syracuse University in New York.

Visit Michelle at Movement Lesson

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