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Let the World Inside of You Go By

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A man once awakened to find himself riding through what appeared to be a haunted house. He didn't know exactly where he was. All he did know was that it was very dark and that he was moving along with no choice as to the direction. And if that wasn't bad enough, around almost every twisting corner he knew that something out of his worst dreams was ready to leap out at him.

He was about to jump out of the car and run for help when he thought he heard a strong quiet voice speaking directly to him.

"Stay in the car," it said, "Don't be afraid. This darkness and its creatures are not real. You don't have to be brave, but if you want out of this scary place, you must wait in the car until the ride is over. If you jump out now, you will just get out into the darkness. Listen to me. Sunlight is just ahead. You don't have to do anything except let the ride end."

He knew something out of the ordinary was happening to him because, right about then, his conventional wisdom would have had him out of the car and running like a wild man for anything that even resembled the way out. In some unexplainable way he sensed he had been in this position before and that this time he must do something altogether new.

And so, instead of listening to his own frantic feelings, he decided in favor of following the strange instructions that had just come to him. Some tense moments that seemed like a lifetime later, he found himself rolling out into the sunlight just as he had been told would happen if he allowed the ride to reach its natural end. To his great relief, it had only been a wild ride after all. Now here is the inner-explanation for this story. Ride it all the way to freedom.

Every sustained effort you make to grow beyond your self, so as to help effect a real change in your present level of consciousness, brings up in you a host of negative thoughts and feelings that can't wait to point out the negatives as to why this can't be done. We've all heard their whine within. They cry out, "no way," "why try?" "too tough" -- on and on it goes. Unexamined, these inner-voices appear to have our best interests in mind.

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