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Need to Think More Positive Thoughts? There's an App for That

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Article by Rheyanne Weaver

Technology seems to get a bad rap when it comes to health, but some cell phone applications actually claim to improve health – specifically mental health.

The Universal Thinking Device application, released in March by Positive Application LLC, allows users to engage in more positive thinking and reach specific goals. It’s currently only available on the iPhone and other variations of Apple technology, like the iPod Touch, but one of the owners and chief operations officer Stephen Koch said the app will be released on the Droid in two weeks, and on the Blackberry two weeks after the Droid. The iPhone app costs $3.99.

The app wasn’t currently compatible with my iPod Touch, but the website and Koch explained how it’s supposed to work. There are hundreds of “power words” and “affirmations” that users can choose from, and these can be sent to the user throughout the day, depending on the chosen settings. Goals can be set up with these words and affirmations, as well as pictures. For example, if a woman wants to lose weight to be healthier, she can look forward to receiving positive affirmations like “My body is perfectly fine the way it is, but losing weight will make me feel even better.”

“We founded … Positive Applications so we can develop apps that promote positive thinking and thinking in the affirmative,” Koch said. “A lot of people think positive but you actually have to show action toward that and believe, almost visualize, and then an action.”

He wants to help people to have a positive outlook and promote kind and giving behavior as a result. It can also help people prioritize and “understand how the universe works, where your thoughts … you’re creating your destiny every day.”

“You’re thinking and thinking, might as well think positive or think good things and have a good spirit and treat people kindly and it’ll come back to you tenfold,” Koch said.

He said his wife uses the app for weight loss, and uses an older picture of herself to help motivate her to lose weight. He uses it while running to help breathe correctly, stay in rhythm and distract himself from any pain.

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EmpowHER Guest

I discovered iphone app for things like this called Think A Good Thought. Check it out if you want something to help you keep those good thoughts and affirmations going.


February 4, 2013 - 5:50am

I have to reflex on my "Metta4All" training and remember, to "think about it differently", "not be attached to the outcome and the key, remembering that everything has the quality of "Impermanence". This combined with my Faith/PRAYER gets me through all situations!

May 16, 2011 - 8:02pm

Basically what is positive thinking-we live n this world with lot of advantages and disadvantages at each moment. Normally it is human to think momentarily to derive benefit to self. f a second thought is given we can realise the effect of our action, how it is going to benefit/harm others. If we decide to take one step which woud help others but harm none this can be considered positive thought, all other approaches as negative. This can only be a guide line. Day in and day out we keep facing such situations endlessly. when once we are attuned to take positive decisions we always proceed rightly.

May 13, 2011 - 10:06pm
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