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Positive Images and Getting What You Want

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Some folks believe in what I’m about to tell you, some don’t. If you are in the latter category, please read through it anyway because whether you believe in it or not, the message applies.

Here goes: we use an animal communicator to “talk” to our animals.

Stay with me here… one of the most important and basic principles that she shared with us is that animals can sense and pick up the pictures in our minds. This is important because when you talk to your animals or ask/tell them to do something, you must tell them what you want, NOT what you DON’T want. Why? Because whatever you say forms a picture in your mind which they can pick up.

For example, if you tell your dog “Stay off of the sofa” what is the picture in your mind? The dog on the sofa! The dog will see your picture and think you want him on the sofa.

Contrast this with “Stay on the floor.” What is the picture in your mind? The dog on the floor, which is what you want! I’m not saying that the dog will obey, but you have a much better chance of getting what you want when you say what you want rather than what you don’t want.

There is no doubt in my mind that this works for us, too. We have to be aware of the pictures that we are creating in our minds and the minds of others. When we can control this we will control some of our stress and get more of what we want. For example, if I were to say to you, “Don’t think about a pink elephant” what is the first thing to come to your mind? A pink elephant, of course. If I really didn’t want you to think about a pink elephant it would be better for me to say, “Think about a horse.” See the difference? You made the situation worse with the first approach, and made it better with the second approach.

Rushing to make an appointment? Don’t say, “We can’t be late” but rather say, “We need to be on time.”

Are your children driving you nuts? Don’t say, “Stop hitting your sister” but rather say, “Be nice to your sister.”

Instead of saying to yourself, “I want to lose weight” try saying, “I want to be slender.”

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