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Share Your Best Health Advice -- Today's Featured Advice -- Stop Stressing

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Don’t stress -- It’s a mantra that’s becoming more familiar in American society as people look to attain a better work-life balance. Many of the entries in the Give the Gift of Giving contest tackle the important issues of emotional and mental health and say that controlling stress and tips for achieving balance have been the best health advice they have received and are now passing that advice along to other women.

Katie says “If you can learn to do the best that you can do and let the rest go, your stress levels would decrease drastically.”

Betsy emphasizes the concept of balance in an excerpt from her entry to win a $2,500 gift certificate to Tiffany & Co.

Everything in life is about balance. Faith, food, rest, exercise, family/friends and fun!

First, put God first. Trust him. Ask for help. Treat others like you would like to be treated.

Next, make sure you eat right. Rest is important. Make sure you sleep well for your mental and physical well being.

Another vital part of health is exercise. Make time to exercise every day. It helps with stress, makes you feel and look good.

Make time for your family and friends. Surround yourself with those that make you feel good.

Have FUN! This is an important component to health. Do what makes you feel happy!

Kimberly also emphasizes balance but says it differently -- know your limit. She offers a few tips on how to stay within your bounds and more importantly, stay happy.

“Some things that you could do to help you relieve any stress and stay at your limit is exercise, hang out with your family and friends, take the weekends off or take needed vacations, and have fun. Don't put yourself in a position where you know things can't get done. And let yourself say "no" to a few things here and there. You don't always have to be the one that goes around and does things for everybody else.”

And Allison shared her best health advice in just two sentences.

“Dance in your underwear to your favorite music. It will eliminate any of your insecurities, plus it's just fun.”

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