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Trust Yourself -- Good Advice From the Gift of Giving Contest

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Mental health was a focal point of the entries in the Gift of Giving Contest sponsored by EmpowHer.com. Most women competing for the $2,500 gift card at to Tiffany’s & Co., believe that one’s mental health and physical health are intimately tied with many saying that trusting oneself and cultivating self-confidence are paramount to good health and a happy life.

Nicole, who was accepted into pharmacy school and became a graduate student at age 20, says women need to believe in themselves, even when others don't.

“My family stands behind me, but others frowned upon my decision thinking that I will drop out or that I wont be able to handle the work load. I, on the other hand, believe that if I made it this far, and got accepted, then what makes everyone think I can't do it? Professors tell me I'm too young and that it's going to be too much for such a young student to handle while other students think I'm too serious and that I gave up fun for school work. I have always believed in myself and I have always pushed myself to do things and accomplish my goals. Becoming a pharmacist was a particular goal of mine for several years now, and I know that because I believe in myself, I will accomplish not only graduate school, but any other obstacle life throws at me.”

Kerri advises to toss aside self-doubt and fear and let go of notions holding you back from achieving what you want to achieve.

“You need to remember that life is worth living, and that there is something amazing hidden in every single day. You just have to enjoy life to find out what it is. You need to let go of your stress. All of the stress that bogs you down needs to be released. Stress causes wrinkles, anxiety, and even can cause certain health problems. Some ways to relieve stress include:

• Yoga- Stretching relieves tension.

• Exercise- Exercising releases endorphins, which cause stress.

• Meditate- set aside five minutes to an hour a day for meditation.

• Find a quiet place, a peaceful place, and sit down on the floor. Sometimes it is nice to sit with your legs crossed, but just do whatever feels comfortable. Close your eyes and relaxes, focus on your breathing.

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