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Kathy Shares Why She Decided To Find Her Solution To Multiple Sclerosis (VIDEO)

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Kathy describes what she learned about multiple sclerosis that empowered her to develop a solution.

Figuring it out was very tough. I’d love to say that I am just a genius and I just figured it out right off the bat. I was very lucky. I came from 20 plus years as an executive in the biotech industry, so I had a lot of experience with research and development projects, breakthroughs in science, and that kind of thing, but when I started trying to figure out what was going on, not wanting to end up, you know, paralyzed and bedridden, I really didn’t know where to start, to be real honest. And not being a physician, I didn’t have access to, sort of, any medical knowledge at all, so I had to pretty much start from square one.

I had to go back and test everything I could think of. Fortunately, I had a good friend, a doctor, that was willing to work with me, and we tested everything we could absolutely think of. We tested amino acid levels, we tested immune function, we tested lipid peroxidation. We tested all of the kinds of things that would be important to the underpinnings of health. Unfortunately, all those tests came back horrible, showing that I had very compromised immune system, that I was not making amino acids, deriving amino acids from the food that I ate, that I had very high levels of lipid peroxidation, which is production of free radicals. So, everything looked pretty bad.

So I thought, "Well, that’s good. There’s some place to start." That put me on the path of really looking at the underpinnings of health. Then I sat down and what really made progress was looking at my symptoms. That was right when the Internet came online. I was very lucky. So I start Googling everything. I put in "back pain," "sciatica," I put in "numb hands," I put in "cognitive confusion," I put in "insomnia." Everything came back hormones, hormones, hormones. It was amazing. They were symptoms of early aging, of menopause and perimenopause.

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Multiple Sclerosis

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