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Leigh Ann Shares How Diet Affects Her PMS Symptoms (VIDEO)

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Leigh Ann discusses how she has learned to cope with extreme PMS and how diet affects her symptoms.

Leigh Ann:
My name is Leigh Ann, and I think I didn’t realize it was my PMS that was making me act so erratic and emotionally just unstable until a couple of years ago when I got on birth control, and I wasn’t as bad. Like when I was 11 or 12, I overdosed on pills, and I did it again when I was 17, and again when I was 19 or 20, and we looked back and we noticed every time that I ended up in the hospital, I had started my period–every time.

Every time that I yelled and screamed and had a big, huge meltdown and couldn’t function and would sleep, it was right before or during my period. So I went to a gynecologist and got on birth control, and then just, I didn’t have anymore. I mean, I still got down and I still need to sleep and I hadn’t learnt that I needed the vitamins and all the other stuff to help me keep me stable, but I wasn’t suicidal anymore.

I wasn’t causing any more rifts between, I was able to say, “I am on my period; this isn’t me.” It wasn’t that I was, because they put me on Prozac when I was 9, and I am not on anti-depressants, but I was up until about three years ago, and I didn’t need them, and that caused a lot of just all the side effects and stuff caused a lot of unwanted energy draining and sleepless nights and stuff like that.

I just recently learned about the use of vitamins and not ingesting certain, like alcohol and certain, you know, just food that’s bad for me, and how much that will affect. I was actually on my period last week, and it was the worst I have had in a long time, but my PMS had been really good. And so I went to the pub and had some cider, and then my period was awful.

And I realized like okay, I cannot drink, like for two weeks I can’t drink. I can’t drink even just a glass or even just some bad food, but what made my PMS better was I took vitamins every day, and I, it’s the first time I didn’t try to break up with boyfriend on my period on the past year, and that was a big difference.

And I know, it’s just nice to know that when I am on my period and I am angry, I get really angry. I’ll start crying or I’ll have to leave work because I can’t just stand up. I am so tired I can say, this is not going to be like this next week and I can get through it and I won’t have to, you know, because I would think that something was really wrong with me.

So it’s just really, and now I know. Now I am gaining tools to kind of deal with it and in each, I take birth control, so I don’t have my period every month. I have it every three months, and so the suffering is a lot less, and I am gaining some tools to really know how to counteract that, those horrible emotional upswings and downswings and stuff like that.

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