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“Am I Pregnant?” -- Ten Facts About Sex and Pregnancy

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If you have ever wondered if you were pregnant, then you may have experienced these types of thoughts: “My period is late. Is it late because I’m pregnant or because I am stressed out and worried that I am pregnant?” “I feel nauseous. Is this morning sickness or am I sick with worry that I may be pregnant?” “If I am pregnant, how will this change my life?”

Taking a pregnancy test can be a very stressful event. No matter what result you are hoping for, it will seem like the longest couple of minutes of your life as you wait to find out the answer. Your heart may race. Your palms may sweat. Your mind might be filled with questions.

You may find yourself almost too nervous to take a Home Pregnancy Test. Take the test. It is better to know about your pregnancy as soon as possible. Here are ten facts that you may find helpful about sex and pregnancy.

10. Pregnancy can occur if there is brief or no penetration. Anytime the penis and vaginal area have skin to skin contact, even without ejaculation, there is a slight risk for pregnancy and risk of STDs.

9. The Withdrawal Method is not a reliable method of birth control. Pre-ejaculation contains sperm. This liquid substance escapes from the penis before ejaculation occurs. All men have it. Most can not control the release of it or can tell when it is coming.

8. It is not likely that sperm can travel through clothing. The only exception would be if an item of clothing was completely soaked with semen and then was in direct contact with a woman’s vagina. Then there would be a very slim chance of pregnancy, but highly unlikely.

7. Sperm can live for 3-5 days in a moist, warm environment. Sperm cannot travel to fertilize an egg once it has dried.

6. Every ejaculation contains about 300 million sperm. Only one sperm is needed to fertilize an egg.

5. Pregnancy can occur from having sex in the water. Having intercourse in the water could still allow sperm to be deposited in the vagina. Having your bodies surrounded by water will not affect the sperm inside and not protect you from pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy will not occur by having anal sex.

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