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Can Family Planning Decrease The Need For Abortions? - Gloria Feldt (VIDEO)

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Gloria describes how family planning can decrease the need for an abortion.

Family planning decreases the need for abortion. There’s no question of that, and the more ready access there is to family planning services, the more that’s possible. The United States has a higher rate of unintended pregnancy and a higher rate of abortion than any other developed country, and the reason for that is that other countries, particularly if you look at western Europe, you look at Japan, Australia, Canada, all of the other industrialized nations make it possible for women to get the reproductive health services, the entire range that they need to be able to have adequate family planning services. They make them accessible; they make sex education comprehensive and available to all young people.

In the United States we don’t do that, and as a consequence our rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion are the highest in the industrialized world. We can fix that. We have the power to fix that by simply making family planning more readily available to everyone.

About Gloria Feldt:
Gloria Feldt is a nationally acclaimed activist, author, keynote speaker and commentator on women's lives, rights, health, and leadership from where the personal meets the political. She’s been dubbed "the voice of experience" by People Magazine, one of America’s “Top 200 Women Leaders, Legends, and Trailblazers” by Vanity Fair, “Woman of the Year” by Glamour, and a “practical visionary” by her colleagues. She was a teen mom whose life’s passion for reproductive justice led her to a 30-year career with the world's largest reproductive health care provider and advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood.

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