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Kelley Shares When She Began Feeling Normal After Childbirth (VIDEO)

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Kelley explains when she started to feel like herself again after the birth of her daughter Rachel.

After the birth of my daughter Rachel, we came home from the hospital, and I would say, I had maternity leave for about six weeks, which wasn’t nearly enough but that was all that I had, and I would tell you it took me up to a year to finally start feeling completely normal. I was a bit sore, but was able to recover relatively quickly, but I just didn’t feel right.

It took me about a year before I started feeling normal again, and what I mean by normal is my hormones were still a little bit out of whack and I just, I was overweight still, I was still mentally trying to get adjusted to having a baby and knowing what to do and when, you know, and obviously that first year, many parents go through sleep deprivation, and so it really took me a year before I felt like I was finally back in my normal routine.

The interesting thing about when you have a baby is it seems like your whole life is on a hold for that nine months. I remember I was following just about every sentence with, “Well, after the baby comes we’ll do this. Well, after the baby comes…” So you feel like your life is truly on hold for nine months, and once you finally have that child, you know, you are very much interested in trying to get back into a routine and creating a new routine and some normalcy in your life.

And it did take me about a year where I finally felt like I was 100% mentally, physically, felt like my hormones were finally back in whack. So it did take me up to a year.

Once again, not feeling quite at my best or normal doesn’t mean I had any pain; it’s just your whole life is truly turned upside–from sleep to having this extra responsibility, to so many different things in your life, and it did take me about a year to get back to normal.

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