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Pregnancy Confirmation: How Is This Determined? - Nurse Schneiderman

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Ellen Schneiderman, R.N., explains how a woman can confirm she is pregnant without taking a pregnancy test and describes a level 3 NICU.

Nurse Schneiderman:
Yes, we have some signs of pregnancy that we call positive and some that are probable. The positive signs of pregnancy are seeing the fetal heart move via an ultrasound or via Doppler or feeling the fetus moving; those are positive signs of pregnancy.

Probably signs of pregnancy are the things we described, the changes during the first trimester or a positive pregnancy test, but that can be signs of something else, but the positive signs of pregnancy are the fetal heart activity or the feeling of the fetus moving.

A level-3 NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is the highest level of care for your newborn that we have to offer, and that gives you the sense of security knowing that if anything is wrong with your baby your baby can stay here with you rather than having to go to another facility.

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