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Premature Son: Do You Feel Fortunate That He Went To Banner Thunderbird?

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Catrina describes how fortunate she feels knowing her premature son was diligently cared for at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center.

After having Tanner taken care of at Banner Thunderbird I feel extremely lucky. I feel extremely blessed. He was well taken care of and well watched over. They have nurses that come in and just hold the babies. They have volunteers. They have round-the-clock volunteers. They have special need volunteers. They don’t just do their nursing job and go home for the night; it’s well beyond that.

They make sure that the babies feel loved, even if it’s not by a mom and dad. There were a few different nurses that really made sure that Tanner was special, that he wasn’t just another sick baby, and that meant a lot to us that he wasn’t just another sick baby in the NICU, that he was a very special baby; they called him the ‘pretty boy’.

They just go well above and beyond what they have to do, what they are paid to do. You can tell that this group of women and men love their job and love these children to the best of their ability and beyond that and that is everything that you could trust Banner Thunderbird. You can trust their staff to know that your child or your family member is going to be taken care of.

The entire staff, like I said, all the way down to the people, the lab techs. He had blood drawn all the time. He had different IVs put in different places and if I were to say that it was just the nurses or the doctor or the special developments team I would feel like I wouldn’t be paying tribute to everybody there because it really did, the whole team, everyone there that participates on that floor in one way or another, helped save Tanner’s life. So it’s a blessing that each and every one of them are a part of Banner Thunderbird.

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Condition: Pregnancy, Premature Baby

Related Terms: C-Section, Cesarean Section, Labor & Delivery, Expectant Mother, NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Fetal Development

Health Care Provider: Banner Hospital, Banner Medical Center, Banner Health, Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, Banner Thunderbird Hospital

Location: Glendale, Arizona, AZ, 85306, East Valley, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Guadalupe, Mesa, Phoenix Metropolitan Area

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