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Report: Clay Aiken Impregnates Woman by Artificial Insemination

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NEW YORK — Clay Aiken is reportedly going to be a father.

The mother is Aiken's 40-something best friend Jaymes Foster — a record producer whose L.A. home he stays at when he is in town, TMZ.com reported.

Due in late August, Foster divorced a few years back and does not have kids, the Web site reported.


People: "Idol" runner-up Clay Aiken a daddy-to-be

Aiken was embroiled in a mini-scandal in November 2006, when Rosie O'Donnell "outed" him, following an appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" during which Kelly Ripa chided Aiken for covering her mouth with his hand. "Oh, that's a no-no," Ripa said. "I don't know where that hand's been, honey!"

"To me that's a homophobic remark," O'Donnell later commented. "If that was a straight man, if that was a cute man, if that was a guy that she didn't question his sexuality, she would have said a different thing."


Foster was previously married for 23 years, but has no children. The show added that Aiken and Foster live together in Los Angeles and that the baby is due in August.

Aiken, 29, told "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush in an interview last month that Jaymes Foster is the executive producer of his new album.