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Bone Density and the Elderly

By EmpowHER November 1, 2011 - 2:42pm

Low bone density is common among the elderly, but there are ways to combat the issue.

As much as one tries to combat low bone density in aging bodies with vitamin supplements, the reality of the matter is that the elderly have brittle bones which can break with even the most careful attention.

Woman: The bone density again goes down with age. It’s one of the reliable concomitance of age. There are some things that can slow that rate. So having lots of calcium in the diet, lots of effective vitamin D helps.

If you are a very big-boned man, you probably can keep losing bone density and never have a problem. If you are a thin, light-boned woman, you are very likely to get into trouble even with the best of prevention.

So what we are mostly trying to do is to delay and slow the rate of bone loss; try to then protect the fragile bones.

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