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Are The Hormones Your Doctor Recommended Correct? - Dr. Berga (VIDEO)

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Dr. Berga discusses how to know if the hormones your doctor recommended for you, are right for you.

Dr. Berga:
Well, I would say that one never knows for sure and certainty is perhaps the most illusive thing that one ever can think of. So we never know anything for sure but, if you’re feeling well, you’re doing well and you have no reason to think that anything is out of whack, then I think you know you’re probably close.

If you are not feeling well then it’s a good time to think about whether you’re on the right hormones or not. Within reasons, a variety of different ways of giving hormones are going to lead to good results.

About Dr. Berga, M.D.:
Dr. Sarah Berga is professor and chairman in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University School of Medicine. She is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and reproductive endocrinology. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia and later held an Obstetrics and Gynecology General Hospital Fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Berga’s research focuses on understanding the impact of psychogenic and metabolic stresses upon the reproductive system and as a cause of infertility, among other topics.

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