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A New Kind of Giving

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By now everyone has heard the news about the U.S. credit rating dropping from AAA to AA plus, the Dow dipping a gazillion points, Japan going all Kanye on the U.S. government and Verizon workers walking out by the thousands. To coin a phrase, what is the world coming to? These are indeed tough times.

But if developed countries like the U.S. have it bad, imagine those in developing countries or just economically depressed areas. Something tells me that the many charitable and philanthropic organizations have gotten it right – we will have to help and support ourselves wherever possible. The governments seem to be entangled in a web that will not be straightened out for a while. So until they see the light of day, it only makes sense to spread neighborly love by means of purposeful giving.

For instance, it warms my heart that Habitat for Humanity has continued to fight homelessness and poverty housing the way that they do. Who could forget their role in assisting Katrina victims? To date, they have built more than 400,000 houses for 2 million people. The good thing about Habitat for Humanity? They invite anyone to take part and actually help build houses.

Another one is Water.org. So many do not have clean water or water at all. Waterborne disease kills one child every second. Polluted water has killed more people than guns have during any war. And finally, there are more people who have access to cell phones than a toilet. Those thoughts are staggering. But Water.org fights these odds by directly applying all donations to the areas of need. There are no administrative costs or middle man – from your pocket to the communities.

Finally, I was impressed with Build Nutrition. I have written many an article encouraging pregnant women to be sure to get prenatal care and take their prenatal vitamins, but this organization proposes to do something about it. True, there are many pregnant women who do not have enough to eat, but there also are women who are eating but are still malnourished. They suffer from a micronutrient deficiency or “hidden hunger.” Build Nutrition pledges that for every bottle purchased, a bottle will be donated to a needy area so moms there can maintain their health, and subsequently, have healthy babies too. Great stuff.

Most of us don’t have a lot but we do have something. Think about those who have less, and not only be grateful about our lot in life, but make a sure plan to do something about it. A good place to start is GetMilkshake.com where you can click on “Cool Causes” to begin your giving today.



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Reviewed August 8, 2011
by Michele Blacksberg R.N.
Edited by Jody Smith

Dita Faulkner is a freelance writer with a passion to see and be involved in a greater good for all.

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