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Octuplets Mother Defends Fertility Doctor

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In the continuing bizarre saga of octuplets mother, Nadya Suleman, the latest news comes from a video posted on RadarOnline.com by Nadya, in which she defends the fertility doctor who helped her conceive 14 children in all. She is quoted as saying he did “absolutely nothing wrong.”

Well the California Medical Board thinks differently and in early January it accused the Beverly Hills fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, of gross negligence in three instances: the transferring of too many embryos, repeatedly transferring fresh embryos when there were frozen ones available and the failure to refer Nadya for a mental health evaluation. The board could revoke or suspend Dr. Kamrava’s license.

Suleman had six children, when she gave birth to octuplets on January 26 of last year. They are the world’s longest living set of octuplets. Mother Suleman said that she underwent in vitro treatment that resulted in the eight babies because she did not want her frozen embryos to go to waste. However, the medical board claims that Kamrava did not use frozen embryos in any of her pregnancies and that this constituted a risk to her health.

Along comes, Peter Osinoff, who is Kamrava’s lawyer, who said that Suleman wanted fresh embryos to improve her chances of giving birth. In the video, Suleman denied those allegations, maintaining that Kamrava told her he transferred what was left of the frozen embryos. And then this mother of many children admitted that she may have signed papers she didn’t read. She said, “Maybe that was my negligence.” It is astonishing to contemplate the fact that she may not have read those papers.
In the video Suleman jokes about the fact that if Kamrava lost his license, her ability to have more babies would be hampered.

There is another accusation facing the fertility doctor and that involves the fact that he gave Suleman too much of a hormone while stimulating in vitro fertilization, kept poor records and did not recognize that Suleman’s behavior was putting her babies at risk.

The good doctor, however, does wish to continue practicing, according to his attorney.

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I hope the babies - now they must be toddlers - are doing well.

January 19, 2010 - 4:08pm
EmpowHER Guest

I feel sorry for octo-mom's mother. She's the one that's going to be stuck supporting and raising all those kids.

January 19, 2010 - 2:14pm
EmpowHER Guest

She lied about having to use the last of her frozen embryos. She demanded fresh embryos each and every pregnancy. What happened to the truckload of frozen ones left over from each procedure? Did she sell them? Because I would be horrified to find out I had purchased any of them. 3 of the first 6 children (50%) have problems. She had no business trying for even ONE more. Despicable.

January 13, 2010 - 4:58pm

I agree with Anon. It's natural for her to defend the man who gave her her children. Regardless of who the sperm belong to, her doctor made it possible for her to conceive her children. She will never blame him or stand against him because in her eyes he is the reason why she has children and putting him at fault for this would mean that her children coming into this world was wrong-- and no good mother will ever feel that way about her kids.

January 13, 2010 - 6:28am

What interesting comments you made! They are really food for thought. And I hope her babies do well.

January 12, 2010 - 8:25pm
EmpowHER Guest

Recently N.S. remarked, that all was a scientific experience. M. K. worked on different new methods, because he wasn't very successful before. He used the chance to find a woman, desiring many kids and not having money to pay for IVF. May be he is the father of all? And N.S. has so good and loving words about him, may be, she did all in a passionate dream, admiring the great doctor. Till now, it was only she to pay the emotional, physical, and financial bill for this "scientific experience". She is so brave towards the public affronts and really devote to her children and their needs. She is sacrifying her personal life exept from the little luxury of caring for her outfit

January 12, 2010 - 5:31pm
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