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Nail Lifting, What Is This? - Dr. Jacoby

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Nail Lifting, What Is This? - Dr. Jacoby
Nail Lifting, What Is This? - Dr. Jacoby
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Dr. Jacoby describes nail lifting, as well as onychoschizia and onychomadesis.

Dr. Jacoby:
Nail lifting has a medical term called onycholysis, which means the nail lifts up off the nail plate; lots of reasons for that – micro trauma, athletic endeavors, some type of macro trauma, but probably the most common is fungus. Fungus gets under the nail plate and burrows its way back and loosens the nail off the plate.

You also can see bacterial infections. I think another interesting onycholysis is HIV infections. HIV infections produce a yeast-like infection, not at the distal aspect of the nail plate, but more at the proximal nail plate and that is pathognomonic of early AIDS diagnosis.

Onychoschizia and onychomadesis – two funny sounding names for similar conditions. Schizia is more of a groove in the central portion of the nail, probably due to trauma, maybe it’s due to congenital malformation. Madesis is the term for callus nail borders, very painful by the way, probably most commonly from tight-fitting shoes. It looks like and feels like an ingrown toenail, but is really just a callus nail border.

About Dr. Richard Jacoby, D.P.M.:
Dr. Richard Jacoby, D.P.M., graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed his residency at Parkview Hospital, Philadelphia, specializing in foot and ankle surgery. Board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeons, he is currently president of Valley Foot Surgeons in Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition, Dr. Jacoby is chairman of the board of Healthcare Networks of America.

Dr. Jacoby has been named the 2010 President of The Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons.

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