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AUDIO: EmpowHer's Founder & CEO Michelle King Robson Appears On Skin Health TODAY

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EmpowHer's CEO Michelle King Robson appears on Skin Health TODAY and shares her health journey. EmpowHer’s a national outreach program giving women a voice so they can be advocates for their own health.


Following a complete hysterectomy, Michelle was transformed from a highly active woman to being unable to function. She saw multiple doctors and took 9 different medications before finally getting the help she needed.
The lack of information and resources on women's health led Michelle to create www.EmpowHer.com, an innovative social networking web site for women focused on health.
Ultimately, Michelle's long-term goal is to reach out to every single woman around the globe, stop their silent suffering, and give her a voice.
It's one woman at a time. Women are going to change our healthcare and I want to help lead that change.
-- Michelle King Robson


Celeste Hilling, CEO of Skin Authority and host of the informative and fun-filled talk show “Skin Health TODAY” on World Talk Radio, brings together leading experts to help you navigate the myths and common misconceptions about skin and beauty. Join the discussion, do the beauty workout, and start making smart choices for a lifetime of radiant skin and positive self-image.