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Kristin Recalls Her Worst Sunburn (VIDEO)

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Kristin introduces herself, shares if she is prone to sunburns, and recalls her most painful sunburn experience.

Hi, I am Kristin, and I would like to share my sunburn story with you with the hopes that you will share your skin story with us here at EmpowHer.

Even though I have very fair skin, I burn a little, but then I get really, really dark; I can tan very easily. I must have the enough pigmentation in my skin where I can suntan, so I am not always as careful as I should be.

There was one time when I had a horrible sunburn. It was, I’ll never forget it, I was probably about 13 or 14 years old, and my family was vacationing in Hawaii in Honolulu. And there was one day during our vacation that was just completely overcast. In fact, I think it rained a few times during the day, and we spent the entire day from breakfast time until dinner time out on the beach and I never had sunscreen on, and just never thought about, and I am sure my parents never thought about it either. I mean, for one thing, it was a really, really cloudy day, really heavy clouds.

Well I had the worst sunburn of my life and it blistered and boiled and I was in pain for over a week. It was just awful and I really learned my lesson from that because I thought that a cloud would protect you from dangerous rays. And now of course, we know that that’s not the case, but back then, this must have been in the early 80s, we weren’t aware and we thought we were safe on a cloudy day.

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