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Can Cartilage Be Replaced? - Dr. Hacker (VIDEO)

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Dr. Hacker describes a new study providing evidence that knee cartilage can be replaced.

Dr. Hacker:
Let me tell you about a new study where physicians are trying to grow cartilage and put it back into your knee to replace areas that have worn away from traumatic injury or maybe from arthritic wear and tear. This study, amongst a host of other studies, show that this surgery is often very, very successful to try to regrow cartilage over the end of the bone to eliminate pain and to restore function back to a more normal knee, and that’s important for all of us because these new technologies are not out there in the future. These are things that are here today that we could help you with to change how your knee works and give you back the life you once had.

About Dr. Hacker, M.D., M.S.:
Dr. Hacker specializes in sports medicine, both on and off the field. Dr. Hacker completed extensive training in bioengineering at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and was given a Regent's Fellowship as well as a National Science Foundation Honorable Mention for his work. He completed a Master's Thesis in Engineering on the properties of meniscal tissue in addition to multiple projects including pioneering research in ACL healing and repair. He then served as director of the Coutts Institute in San Diego, a leading center for Orthopaedic research. Dr. Hacker completed an orthopedic research fellowship studying the ability to grow and transplant cartilage.

Visit Dr. Hacker at the Alvarado Orthopedic Medical Group