Sue shares the menopause symptoms she has experienced since her elective hysterectomy procedure.

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Many women are afraid that their sex lives will end, or at least become unrecognizable, when they hit fifty. But Dr. Christiane Northrup wants to reassure women that menopause notwithstanding, ...

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The American Cancer Society estimates the lifetime risk of a woman developing breast cancer is 13 percent or almost one in eight. In many cases, it's not known why a woman gets breast cancer. In ...

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After beating cancer 3 times, I decided that my only insurance policy would be to live life in the best way possible so I would never have to suffer through another bout of cancer in my lifetime. ...

How Life's Difficulties Motivated Change To Become A Better Me


I am having night sweats. This has been going on for some time now. Some nights it's so bad that I soak the sheets. I don't even sweat when I work out or go in a sauna! I just had a blood test ...

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Welcome to the comforting world of Minnie Pauz, a haven for women facing a change of life. If symptoms of menopause or perimenopause are leaving you flattened, Minnie Pauz can offer you some ...

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Cancer of the uterus is the most common of all female reproductive cancers and accounts for approximately 6 percent of all cancers in women in the U.S. Nearly all cancers in the uterus start as ...

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