Do you live a healthy life? How about one so healthy, that you could live to 100? On Sunday, June 7, at 6 p.m. PDT, I'll be hosting a 2-part video conference on "How to Live to 100" from an ...

Webinar: How to Live to 100


Several studies have shown that many patients with hypothyroidism on levothyroxine replacement have low quality of life. An alternative to levothyroxine replacement for patients with ...

Study Shows Armour Thyroid Should Still be Considered for Some


The pituitary secretes several hormones, most of which are tested for and possibly replaced if a patient has pituitary dysfunction. The anterior pituitary makes ACTH that controls cortisol, ...

Is Oxytocin Good For Patients With Pituitary Dysfunction?


There are several new thyroid hormone preparations that can be used to treat patients with hypothyroidism. These include a new preparation of levothyroxine called Tirosint that is the only thyroid ...

Changes to Hypothyroid Medications You Should Look Out For


There are two important endocrine axes that control the body's salt, fluid and water status. These are two separate axes and it is helpful to think about them separately although they do interact. ...

Endocrine Control of Salt and Water


Many patients suffer with fatigue and are told that there is nothing to do for it. Here are 7 endocrine causes of fatigue that are often overlooked. 1) Low aldosterone Aldosterone is a ...

7 Overlooked Endocrine Causes of Fatigue


1) Myth: Patients on thyroid medicines need cortisol to support the thyroid.Via B-D-S/PhotoSpinFact: A very small percentage of people with autoimmune thyroid disease have Addison's disease or ...

7 Common Myths About Thyroid Disease You Probably Believe


Osteoporosis (or thin bones) is a major problem for older women, especially those who are on the thinner side. The problem with osteoporosis is it can lead to fractures, especially hip ...

Best Tests To Predict Likelihood of a Fracture


By. Dr. Theo Friedman Work up a sweat It doesn't matter if you run a mile, walk around your neighborhood, or do some yoga. Getting your body moving is one of the best ways to relieve stress. ...

10 Stress-Reducing Tips


This article is also authored by Cathy Woodard and Camille Kimball America has a serious weight problem, with more than 60 percent of adults classified as overweight or obese. Starting at age ...

It’s Not What You Eat But How You Eat: A Hormonal Guide to Weight Management


It is very important to correctly diagnose hypothyroidism. If a patient truly has hypothyroidism, they need to go on thyroid medicine; otherwise, their condition will worsen. On the other hand, if ...

TPO Antibody: The Most Important Test for a Mild Hypothyroidism


Pituitary tumors are quite common. Studies on autopsies suggest that about 20 percent of people have a pituitary tumor that would probably not have been discovered during their lifetime. MRI ...

So You Have a Pituitary Tumor?!


Recently there has been an increased awareness of the poor health of many former NFL players. The world was saddened by the suicide of Junior Seau on May 2, 2012, which follows the suicides of ...

Hormones and Brain Injury: Did Junior Seau Suffer From Pituitary Dysfunction?


The adrenals are two glands above each kidney that produce a number of important hormones. The adrenals can be divided into the outer cortex, which produces hormones such as cortisol, aldosterone, ...

Your Adrenal Hormones


Most people who are serious about losing weight are looking for simplified strategy. The Vegetable Revolution Diet approach is to have a simplified food guide that everyone can follow that ...

The Vegetable Revolution Diet


Stress is increasing in American society at an alarming rate. Almost every patient who comes to see me is experiencing some kind of stress. The body's ability to react to stress is governed by the ...

Stress and the Adrenal Glands

Dr. Friedman introduces himself and discusses whether or not endocrine problems can cause hair loss.

Endocrine Disorders, Can These Cause Hair Loss? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman explains how a woman can determine if an endocrine problem is causing her hair loss.

Hair Loss, How Can A Woman Determine If An Endocrine Disorder Is Causing This? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman describes how hair loss is diagnosed.

Hair Loss, How Is This Diagnosed? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman discusses who a woman should see if she suspects her hair loss is endocrine related.

Who Should A Woman See If She Suspects Endocrine-Related Hair Loss? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman discusses the endocrine problems that are associated with female hair loss.

Hair Loss, Which Endocrine Problems Are Associated With This? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman explains if hormone replacement therapy can help women with endocrine related hair loss.

Endocrine Related Hair Loss, Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Treat This? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman explains why endocrine conditions are hard to diagnose.

Endocrine Conditions, Why Are They Difficult To Diagnose? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman shares if women are more likely to have endocrine problems.

Endocrine Problems, Are Women More Likely To Have These? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman shares if endocrine problems can cause fatigue.

Endocrine Problems, Can These Cause Fatigue? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman explains if a decrease in estrogen production during menopause can cause fatigue.

Decrease In Estrogen Production, Can This Cause Fatigue During Menopause? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman shares if an iron deficiency can cause fatigue.

Iron Deficiency, Can This Cause Fatigue? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman discusses the endocrine problems that cause fatigue and explains how salt impacts this.

Which Endocrine Problems Cause Fatigue And How Does Salt Affect This? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman explains the role of the pituitary gland in a woman's body and how a head trauma or pregnancy can cause growth hormone deficiency, Sheehan's syndrome, fatigue or other symptoms.

Pituitary Gland, How Does This Affect A Woman’s Body? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman discusses when a woman might see an endocrinologist as opposed to an OB/GYN.

When Should A Woman See An Endocrinologist? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Friedman describes how testosterone affects a woman’s sexual desire.

Testosterone, How Does This Affect A Woman's Sex Drive? - Dr. Friedman (VIDEO)

Dr. Theodore Friedman Shares Three Diabetes Prevention Tips.

Diabetes Prevention Tips From Dr. Theodore Friedman (VIDEO)


Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a protein that binds to both testosterone and estradiol. Its amount can vary widely in patients, and if the SHBG is either low or high, the amount of active ...

SHBG and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Todd: Hi, and thank you for joining us at EmpowHer – Women’s health online. Now let’s talk about adrenal fatigue or hypoadrenia, a pituitary health disorder in which the adrenal glands are ...

AUDIO: Dr. Theodore Friedman - Demystifying Adrenal Fatigue And Adrenal Hormone Roles

Todd: Recently there’s been a lot of talk about women deficient in vitamin D because well, they have substantially higher rates of developing cancer, heart disease, mood disorders, ...

AUDIO: Dr. Theodore Friedman - What Women Need To Know About Vitamin D And How To Check Your Levels


In general, generic medicines are often equivalent to brand name medicines and are usually provided at a much cheaper rate and usually, can be recommended. However, the case is different with ...

Brand Name Levothyroxine at Generic Prices


TESTOSTERONE AND SEXUAL FUNCTION The prevalent dogma is that androgens regulate libido in women, although a woman’s sexual behavior is greatly affected by environmental, emotional, cultural ...

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Data: Part 5


MEASUREMENT OF TOTAL AND UNBOUND TESTOSTERONE In healthy women, approximately, 50 to 60 percent of testosterone is bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), 30 to 40 percent to albumin and ...

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Data: Part 4


BIOLOGY OF TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTION IN MENSTRUATING, POSTMENOPAUSAL AND OLDER WOMEN Table 1 lists the adrenal androgens, their potencies and concentrations in serum for premenopausal and ...

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Data: Part 3


INTRODUCTION: That testosterone supplementation might improve some aspects of cognitive and sexual functions, muscle mass and strength, bone mineral density and sense of well-being is not in ...

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Data: Part 2


Abstract: Androgen supplementation in women has received enormous attention in both the scientific and lay community. That it enhances some aspect of cognitive function, sexual function, muscle ...

Androgen Supplementation in Older Women: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Data: Part 1


Hypothyroidism Diagnosis Hypothyroidism is a relatively common disorder. It affects more women then men, but I happen to be one of the men who does have it. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include ...

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism


Hyperthyroidism Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) is a well-known condition; in contrast, overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) is a less appreciated but still important endocrine ...

Hyperthyroidism and Graves' Disease


Many patients with fatigue as a main complaint are eventually diagnosed as having an endocrine problem. However, an often overlooked reason for fatigue in women who are menstruating is iron ...

Iron Deficiency and Fatigue


There are risks and benefits with all medicines, and estrogen replacement is no exception. In fact, estrogen replacement is one of the most controversial topics in endocrinology. This is due to ...

Dr. Friedman’s Guide to Estrogen Replacement


It’s not what you eat but how you eat. America has a serious weight problem, with more than 60 percent of adults classified as overweight or obese. Starting at age 30, most people gain about a ...

Dr Friedman’s Guide to Weight Management


Vitamin D is an important hormone that not only regulates calcium but has many other beneficial actions. Theodore Friedman, M.D, Ph.D., Chairman of Medicine and Chief of Endocrinology, Molecular ...

Vitamin D Deficiency in Prediabetes


Dr. Friedman recommends for many patients to undergo a relatively new test to evaluate their heart status, called the “electron beam CT scan” (EBCT). This is often part of what is called a ...

EBCT – Priceless


Growth hormone (GH) is a protein hormone made by the pituitary, a gland located at the base of the skull. It was known for many years that growth hormone is needed for children to grow. The ...

Why Adults May Need Growth Hormones


Vitamin D is an important vitamin that not only regulates calcium, but also has many other beneficial actions. Not many endocrinologists realize this, but several articles published over 20 years ...

Vitamin D Deficiency and Thyroid Disease