Holistic health focuses on of all aspects of well being, to promote well-rounded health care. If you’re low on cash this season and feeling creative, there are many healthy, thoughtful and ...

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Please let me know if you've a good or bad personal trainer experience.

Personal trainer or good for us or not?


Every woman I know is concerned about the size and shape of her butt, hips and thighs (including cellulite). As for cellulite, it is actually collections of fat just underneath (subcutaneous fat) ...

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When’s the last time you visited with your dentist and oral hygienist? Do you even have a dentist you can call to make an appointment? Whether you’re 8 or 80, and even if you're pregnant, you need ...

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If you’re looking for a new twist on your annual resolution to lose weight this year, you might want to change the resolution to “drive less”. A new study by researchers at the University of ...

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