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I usually am on time with my period but since august my period will either come 4-5 days early or 4-5 days late. All other times its right on time. It came early this time by 4 days and ended in ...

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i had my period 11 days ago and today im experiencing stomach pains will these be period pains or ovulation pains i had the coil took out 4 weeks ago so my last period was my first period in ...

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Had unprotected sex on my period the next day my period stoped, it's been a week and now I'm having pains in my lower tummy I'm irritable feel tired and had some discharge my next period isn't ...

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I started cramping a week before my period was due. I was spotting for two days then I began to have heavy bleeding for two days. After the two days of heavy bleeding I began to spot for two days ...

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