I had unprotected sex dec 31st and jan 1st my period was due on jan 10th its now jan 12th could i be pregnant or is it to soon to tell?

to soon?

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Hi i have a question i had unprotected sex on new years eve i went to the doctor for a different reason on jan 5th they made me take a urine test to follow precautions it came out negative but in ...

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I had unprotected sex a little over 2 months ago i took pregnancy tests and had regular period could this mean im not pregnant? Because if i was the tests would have become positive already

possible or impossible?


I had unprotected sex nov 5th its now jan 9th i took 6 pregnancy tests all came negative and ive also had regular periods it came in nov and dec and my date for jan havent arrived yet so does this ...

is it impossible