Today is my 15th day of period, got my last period on 27th November. Whenever we have sex little fluid comes out. Does that mean seen dint enter in my uterus? Is it not possible to get pregnant. ...

Hi I'm planning to get pregnant. but after having intercourse little fluid comes out. is it common or


I have a daughter and she is 8 yes old and now we are planning to have another kid. I have thyroid which is in normal range. Kindly help me with tips to be taken to get pregnancy this month ...

Hi i have got my periods today. I am planning to get pregnant. I want to know which days are best to have sex to concieve


This question is in connection with my previous one that I missed my 6 active contraceptive pills and had unprotected sex

I have thyroid which is normal range. want to if still there is chance of getting pregnant


I want to know if there are chances to get pregnant without getting the next period

Hi i have missed my last 6 active contraceptive pills and had unprotected see during this time.