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Blogs to Read This Week

By EmpowHER
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When you're looking for tips on how to lead a healthier life, look no further than our community of HER Bloggers. This week their sharing how to get better sleep, how to know how much sleep you need, how to drink better water, and how to talk about your hot flashes and night sweats.


How to Sleep Like a Baby

"Though many of us suffer from sleep disturbances or insomnia the good news is there are strategies that you can use to overcome these sleep hurdles and get a good nights rest!" 

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How to Choose a Home Water Filter

"Other than traveling to a mountain spring source and filling your own bottles, the most economical and environmentally sound choice you and your family can make is to purchase and install a water filter for your home."

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New Research: How Much Sleep is Best for You? 

"Now, a new ten year study is showing that getting too much sleep might be even more dangerous than getting too little."

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A Conversation with My Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

"To those who have never experienced a night sweat or a hot flash I thought I would try to convey how they feel in this Q&A. Beware, I think Hot Flashes and Night Sweats have nasty replies."

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In case you missed it, also read up on last week's #HERchat. Dr. Pam Peeke joined us for a great conversation and gave her best tips to blast belly fat.  

8 Tips & Tricks to Get Rid of Belly Fat

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