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Chosing A Doctor And Hospital: What Options Do Patients Have? - Dr. Georgiou

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Dr. Georgiou recalls the options provided when a patient is selecting a doctor and hospital setting.

Dr. Georgiou:
Getting good in-patient care means that you have two things going on – you have a great doctor who is working with you in a great hospital. So what do you do if you know that you have a really good doctor and you want them to deliver the care, but you are not quite sure about the hospital that they are going to admit you to?

What people need to recognize is that virtually all doctors have hospital privileges at more than one hospital and so, even when you don’t want to switch doctors, you have a choice on which hospital you get admitted to.

We had a family situation where we had a cardiovascular surgeon who was going to be treating my mother-in-law and initially that surgeon was going to admit her to the hospital that was closest to our home, but after we got data on that particular hospital we decided to select a hospital that was 30 minutes farther away but had better data on mortality and readmissions for the particular type of cardiovascular surgery that he’d be performing. And so, we kept the doctor because we really trusted him, but we switched hospitals because the data in the other location was so much better.

So I think what people need to remember is that doctors have privileges at more than one hospital, sometimes up to five or ten different hospitals and that you have a choice, and if you just express what your needs are to the doctor they are usually more than willing to accommodate.

About Dr. Archelle Georgiou, M.D.:
Dr. Archelle Georgiou combines her deep knowledge of clinical medicine with a breadth of experience in business and health care administration to pursue her passion for simplifying the health care system. As a practicing physician and as a corporate managed care executive, Dr. Georgiou learned and leveraged the value and importance of simple and compelling communication to influence impacting patients’ personal health care behaviors as well as driving health care purchasing decisions and business growth.

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